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Hello everyone,

We are working hard to make the server and your clients perform as best as possible. ArmA 3 is a very old game running an outdated engine, not designed for the amount of scripts/modifications we have running. We have switched our server to run the ArmA 3 performance binary. This enables us to remove the limits on the server that cap it at 50 FPS.

You can also use the performance binary on your client, just follow the steps below to get it automatically updated. This will not prevent you from playing on servers not running this, you do not need to update but you might see a performance increase if you do. If you wish to revert back to the stable branch you can simply verify your game files in Steam.

Some more information:

Automatic method:
  1. Open Steam
  2. Open ARMA 3 Properties (right mouse button on ARMA 3 in library)
  3. Go to BETA tab
  4. Enter following code and confirm it: CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3
  5. Select "profiling - Performance Profiling Build"
This will automatically download newest performance exe once they are available.

If you need any help please go to requesting support.

Also if you notice any differences please let me know on this thread so I can feed it back to the BI developers.

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