Changelog - Version 3.0.7 - Released 5/22/2020

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Framework Additions
  • ArmA 3 Fishers Life Anti-Hack
  • CLS63 and GMC Vandura in vehicles factory
  • Can now open whitelisted gates with a keycard
  • Nets are now seizable
  • USCG can now impound planes/helicopters in the same way as boats
  • Faction counter (Pushed to next update so it can be hidden/unhidden)
  • Doctor Bob takes 2 minutes to heal
  • Two new dancing animations (8 & 9 by default)

Framework Changes
  • Fixed patdown animations issues
  • Fixed CPR animation issues
  • Prevented MANY loops running without cause (FPS increase)
  • Added faction radios for DMV
  • Added SMG's back to USMS shop
  • Modification of the insurance price (Taurus and Ford Raptor)
  • Removed the need for materials to add addons to vehicles (now $1000 each)
  • Fixed addresses returning as unknown
  • Faction vehicle markers now only show vehicles in your faction
  • Fixed new sand gathering area not working
  • Fixed loading bar
    • Breaking down/creating cocaine bricks now takes 60 seconds
    • License plate job in DOC takes 50 seconds
    • Lockpicking a vehicle takes 45 seconds
    • Lockpicking handcuffs takes 30 seconds
    • Fire alarm repair takes 50 seconds
    • Capturing gang bases takes 75 seconds
    • Lockpicking deposit boxes at the bank takes 45 seconds
    • Filling bags with money takes 10 seconds
    • Lockpicking houses takes 45 with > 5 cops and 60 seconds with < 5 cops
    • Skinning an animal takes 20 seconds
    • CPR takes 30 seconds
    • Grinding the materials for moonshine takes 20 seconds
    • Patting someone down takes 15 seconds
    • Lockpicking a cell at DOC takes 45 seconds
    • Searching the trash takes 30 seconds
    • Digging out of jail takes 45 seconds
    • Filling a bucket of sand takes 10 seconds
    • Lockpicking the seizure storage takes 90 seconds
    • Robbing a port takes 60 seconds
    • Robbing a store takes 50 seconds
    • Picking up shrooms takes 5 seconds
    • Repairing a vehicle takes 30 seconds
    • Unflipping a vehicle takes 20 seconds
  • Fixed not being able to take another freight job after completing one with an aircraft
  • Fixed being able to insure yourself
  • Fixed medical history not working
  • Job vehicles deleted on disconnect
  • Flags deleted at every cleanup
  • Fixed weather system
  • Limited carry weight to 150 pounds

Addons Additions
  • New Ford Raptor SD + Slicktop variant
  • New Ford Taurus SD + Slicktop variant
  • New Ford Taurus FIFR variant
  • New Brick Shops
  • +2 Hazmat clothing in Rescue Truck
  • LCM Transport Ship
  • Baseball Bat
  • Golf Club

Addons Changes
  • Fixed GMC van
  • Fixed CLS63
  • Taurus fixes (Speed, speed on grass)
  • Added interactions to warehouse, airport terminal and hanger
  • Revamped SD substation
  • Fixed collision on barn model
  • Fixed FIFR ladder truck
  • Fixed lockpick model
Map Changes
  • New Island
  • SD HQ Changes
  • FIFR Elk Changes
  • FIFR Silverton Changes
  • Fixed Rocks at Ragging Hill
  • Labeled Points of Interest on map
  • Silverton courthouse changes
  • Removed Trees
  • Vehicle Factory Revamp
  • For Sale Signs Added to 'All' Houses

Additional Information :

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.

Arma 3 Fishers Life Development Team
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Lead Developer
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Hotfix at next restart:
  • All ores now weigh 0.25 pounds
  • 1/3 the weight of repair wrenches and Jerry cans
  • Fixed surgical kit weight
  • Fix houses not working


Lead Developer
Lead Developer
Sheriff's Department
A3FL Member
Fixed next restart:
  • Taurus and Raptor lockfast reset
  • Baseball bat/Golf club ammo auto-refills when you drop and pick it up
  • Unknown port robbery at new island
  • Port robberies give you the correct weed item
  • Reduced wind to stop it messing with fires
  • Fixed CPR (A bit, still not perfect)
  • Fixed silverton FIFR spawn point
  • Fixed weapons factory boat spawn
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