Changelog - Version 3.0.6 - Released 4/6/2020

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Framework Additions
  • LEOs can now open bargates within 10 meters with a hotkey (Can be changed)
  • Company Licenses
    • Commercials licenses can now only be given to company
    • Company licenses are displayed when showing your company ID
  • New Freight Pilot Job
  • Players roads
    • T Money Ranch
    • Deadwood Original
    • MC Main Street
    • Deadwood Boulevard
    • Deadmans Corner
    • Coffin Cut off
    • Beach Front Drive
    • Evergreen Way
    • Industrial Drive
    • Parker Way
    • Porpoise Drive
    • Skidmark Lane
    • That Road
    • This Road
    • The Other Road
  • New CPR Certification License
    • Gives 50% chances of reviving instead of 25%
    • Contact FIFR for details on classes and how to get it
  • New Cocaine system

Framework Changes
  • When you change the paint of a vehicle in a mod shop, you don't need to store it to save the new paint
  • Added trashcans in DOC main area
  • Port Robberies now gives more interesting items
  • Gangs invitations have been fixed
  • You need a FML license to sell guns to the CCP Shop
  • Bank Application Transfers
    • You cannot transfer more than $100.000 per transfer
    • You can only do one transfer each 10 minutes
  • Company's invoices have been fixed
  • DMV has now a special tag on twitter
  • Suicide vest changes:
    • Suicide vest price is now $300.000 (Keep in mind only approved gangs can buy it)
    • Suicide vest is now killing everyone around it
    • If you tase someone with a vest, the vest will explode
    • If you shoot someone with a vest in the chest, the vest will explode
  • New trashcans in DOC
  • New Food processing factory NPC in DOC Kitchen
  • Framework Optimisation (Server and Client side)
  • Fires changes
    • Fires cannot occur under the ground or in water areas

Addons Additions
  • New Ford Raptor
  • New Ford Taurus
  • New Kawasaki Kx
  • New GMC Vandura(Will be pushed in next update due to last minute issues)
  • Community / Factions Textures

Addons Changes
  • Updated TFAR (Version 1.-1.0.325)
  • Taser has been balanced
  • Monster Truck has been fixed (Speed and damages)
  • Cheverolet Silverado has been changed to use the sounds of the Ford F150
  • Fixed mansions

Additional Information :

Important Information :
  • Please make sure you update the Task Force Radio TeamSpeak plugin, you can find the installation file in @A3FL\teamspeak.
  • This update come with a lot of optimisation including massives changes in scripts, we expect some bugs, please report them.
  • If you submitted a texture that has been approved and you cannot find it in the factory, please contact me.

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.

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