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Ban Appeal Process

If you were issued a Level 1 suspension or above from the community you can appeal your ban by submitting the template below in an email to the address below. Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Chiefs Commission and the Board of Directors, we will decide based on your history and your most recent ban whether or not you will be unbanned.

Role-play Name:
TeamSpeak Unique ID (Ctrl+I (When TeamSpeak is Open)):
Length of Ban:
Administrator(s) Issuing Ban:
What server/community rules did you break?
What Violation level were you assigned?
Why you feel your appeal should be accepted (Minimum 250 words):

You will submit the above template to the email address here: including the subject being Your RP Name - Ban Appeal. If you fail to put effort into your ban appeal or follow the template and directions, your ban appeal could be denied.

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