Changelog - Version 3.0.5 - Released 3/9/2020

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Framework Additions
  • You can now buy weapons attachements in the gangs hideouts shops (Community Suggestion)
  • New Mushroom system (Community Suggestion)
  • "Repair All" option in mod shops (Community Suggestion)
Framework Changes
  • You can now fish everywhere (Community Suggestion)
    • Fishing in the marked area gives you more chances of catching fish
  • You can now stop lockpicking a house (Community Suggestion)
  • ATC cannot see planes flying bellow 50m if their transponder isn't on "IDENT" (Community Suggestion)
  • Fire changes (Community Suggestion)
    • Fire produce less smoke effects (Better FPS)
    • Chances of getting stuck from 25% to 15%
    • Chances of vehicle catching fire from 20% to 10%
    • Maximum of 3 fires / 45 minutes
    • Fires spread 5 seconds slower
  • FIFR can now access their database in every vehicle that has a computer (Faction Request)
  • Prisoners can now buy food to cook in jail (Community Suggestion)
  • Fixed 'take' option not working for virtual items
  • Removed 'Jail Player' option if you are not near the prison/substation
  • Removed 'Search Player' option on E-Menu (take virtual items using the pat-down screen
  • Added scroll option for LEO's to remove mask if you are in cuffs
  • Fixed being able to perform some actions in cuffs
  • Fixed getting stuck in cars after you have been ejected by FIFR
  • You now ragdoll when you die, you will not drop your firearm

Additional Information :

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.

Arma 3 Fishers Life Development Team
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Next Restart :
  • Creston Enterprises Way ---> Moved to Elk City
  • Young Lane ---> Original position
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03/14/2020 HOTFIX

  • Mushroom picking time has been lowered
  • Two people can no longer pick the same mushroom
  • Added a new holster in factions shops and vest factory
  • Added the "SD High Threat Vest" back
  • Fixed the weed -> Should not go through the table anymore
  • Fixed the Slicktop mustang trunk
  • You can no longer break cuffs by going on a clinic bed
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