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We will have Chief Liaisons for each faction in this community to act as the person in the middle when the community has any feedback whether it be negative or positive. They will assist the Faction Lead and Co-Lead in making major decisions that would affect role-play community wide. They will not be placed into any Command positions or make any decisions on promotions.

The Chiefs assigned to each faction will facilitate and work closely with their faction, other factions, and the community as a whole in regards to ensuring role-play stays at the highest standard possible.

Shaun - Department of Justice

Frank - Fishers Island Fire & Rescue

Nick - Fishers Island Marshal Service
/ Civilians & Criminals
Jamie - Fishers Island Sheriff's Department

Ken Axel- United States Coast Guard

If you have any questions or concerns relating to any of the factions listed above, please reach out to the Chief Liaison or myself.

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