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Staff Structure


Richard and Winston are responsible for Development, Operations, and Marketing. They collectively manage Arma 3 Fishers Life with the Sub-Directors and the Chiefs Commission.


is in charge of the staff team, Operations, and ensuring that ArmA 3 Fishers Life staff members are all well trained and performing their tasks with a professional attitude and in the best interest of our members. They also work very closely with the Director with regards to development and the future of the community.


Our Chiefs Commission is responsible for running the departments of Arma 3 Fishers Life. They also are Liaisons to our Factions here in the community. They work alongside the Sub-Directors to ensure our community standards are being met as well as ensuring that we are providing top-notch customer service to the community through our Executive and Support Teams. Within the Chiefs Commission we have the following Chiefs:
  • Support Chief - This Chief is responsible for everything in the Support Team, this includes ensuring we are meeting our internal goals and following our Code of Conduct. They ensure that our Support Team is helping our community members with inductions, forum/TeamSpeak tags, and providing technical help when needed.
  • Relations Chief - This Chief is responsible for answering community complaints on any level as well as Social Media for Arma 3 Fishers Life whether it be through YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or etc.
  • Gameplay Chief - This Chief is responsible for making sure the game master executives are hosting events regularly as well as making sure that when events are done they are fair and enjoyable for everyone who takes part.
  • Compliance Chief - This Chief is responsible for making sure the Executive Team is following the operations manual and oversee the Quality Assurance Team.
Executive Team Supervisor

The Executive Team Supervisors are responsible for training our new Executives and helping out the Sub-Director in ensuring they are following policies and procedures correctly. They will work closely with the Sub-Director ensuring that the Executive Team is following our Code of Conduct and helping select talent into the team.


Executives are the bulk of the staff team. They enforce rules, process Name Change Requests, approve/deny Compensation requests. They are also responsible for helping users in-game with any issues they need help with as well as providing top-notch customer service to our community members. They will always have a strong presence on the forums, enforcing forum rules. Within the Executive Team we have Game Masters, Support Supervisors and Quality Assurance Executives. QA Executives are responsible for processing the bug reports, reporting them to the Development Team, and helping test any outstanding issues. Support Supervisor Executives are responsible for overseeing the Support Team while working closely with the Support Chief. Game Master Executives are responsible for hosting events on the server and creating enjoyable experiences for the players within the community.


The Developers are the ones creating new content, improving the current features and actively bringing new content for everyone.

Support Team

Support Team is the most important face of the community, and they are the first port of call for community guests. They are the first port of call for problems that any community member may have, in-game or on the forums/Teamspeak. If they need further assistance, they will go up the chain of command in the staff team until the issue is resolved. Within the Support Team, we have Support Team members and Senior Support. Senior Support is in charge of hiring and training the new Support Team members in the community.
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