Changelog - Version 3.0.4 - Released 2/24/2020

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Framework Additions
  • Aircraft Impound Retrieval
  • Boat insurer NPC @ Stoney Creek
  • Marine Factory Port Robbery
  • MDT Command 'lookup' can now tell you the company of a suspect
  • New MDT Command 'lookupcompany'
  • New 'Stuck in vehicle system' (Community Suggestion)
  • Road naming system
    • We will name the roads step by step so some may not be name in this version
Framework Changes
  • Turtle fishing changes (Community Suggestion)
    • 10% when less than 3 CG on
    • 40% when 3 or more CG on
    • 45% when 4 or more CG on
    • 50% when 6 or more CG on
  • Illegal NPCs prices changes (Community Suggestion)
    • Fake doctor : $4.500
    • Time remover : $5.000
  • Gang system changes
    • Removed notification to SD when a hideout is captured
    • Removed SD requirements to capture a hideout
    • Removed the upgrade option and set the default limit to 13members
    • Once a gang area is captured it cannot be taken over for 30 minutes
    • Your gang gets $1k per gang hideout owned (into the gang bank account)
Map Changes
  • Rent sign at Silverton fuel station
  • Rent sign at Elk City gas station
  • Shortcut road fixed
  • Bridge bugs fixed
  • Crime base has been reworked
  • Silverton Airfield has been reworked
  • Boulder bank has been rework and the backdoor is not blocked anymore
  • Elk City beach terrain has been fixed
  • Trees optimisation (Better FPS)
  • Estates changes :
Map Removals
Addons Changes
  • US Coast Guard Textures Revamp
  • Taser changes
  • Fix FIFR Tahoe missing texture

Additional Information :

All road names that are not processed yet will be added Wednesday.

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report all translation errors and bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.
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02/24/2020 HOTFIX

  • Medical system fix (You are not knockdown when you get one headshot anymore)
  • Aircraft factory moved
  • Cartel can now hire members like the other factions
  • Cartel NPCs marker removed
  • Faction hiring option now says "Faction Hire" instead of "Recruit"
  • Faction firing option now says "Faction Fire" instead of "Return"
  • Faction can now fire people that are not on-duty
  • Reduced the radius that you need to be away from DOC/Substation to prevent being teleported when your jail sentence ends
  • Fixed newest phone messages not being displayed at bottom
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