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Rules & Regulations

Term Definitions/Extra Information:

Section 1
To unlock access to Arma 3 Fishers Life's communication platforms and participate in server activity users must have unrestricted access to a legal copy of Arma III alongside a functioning microphone. Users must be mature and possess the ability to understand and agree to all community rules and regulations. Throughout all of Arma 3 Fishers Life's platforms, the use of racist, homophobic, sexist, prejudiced or disrespectful content is prohibited. Staff disrespect is not tolerated and will be punished.
Access to Arma 3 Fishers Life's server requires users to submit a Civilian Application and adhere to the requirements declared throughout that process. You may only speak English throughout all of Arma 3 Fishers Life's platforms. We encourage all players to record or live stream game-play to minimize conflict and increase support response times in the event a situation arises.
Any actions deemed harmful to role-play situations or the community may fall under this rule. This is for gray area's and is up to the Executive Team Supervisor/Chief dealing with the situation to say if this rule has been broken or not. Arma 3 Fishers Life's leadership team reserves the right to restrict server access. By creating a forum account you agree to Arma 3 Fishers Life's Terms of Service. This includes derogatory words such as "Uwu".

Section 2 (TeamSpeak)
  1. Do not spam other users.
  2. Voice changers and playing sounds are permitted in the Task Force Radio channel if they are beneficial to role-play.
  3. Do not act out, share pornographic or inappropriate content.
  4. Your TeamSpeak name must match your forum name.
  5. The recording is permitted in any channel for report purposes, but may not be released publicly.
  6. You must remain in the TaskForceRadio channel when on our server at all times.
Section 3 (Game Server)
  1. All forms of glitching, hacking, and exploiting are prohibited and can result in permanent suspension.
    1. Plants grown on the inside of the greenhouses are not visible, to the outside, unless you can see them through the open door.
    2. 'Breaking out' of handcuffs is prohibited.
    3. CPR cannot be performed on a suspect that has been involved in an RP Situation with an LEO faction that will cause him/ her to face jail time and the situation is declared code 4.
  2. Meta-gaming - an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of out of game knowledge - is prohibited. EG Steam chat, Teamspeak messages.
    1. Individuals wearing a mask - which covers the entirety of your facial features - cannot be identified by name or sound unless they give you their name or a valid form of identification is taken from their pocket by law enforcement.
  3. Asset Gaming - To perform an action such as a restraining a user you must have a relevant physical asset (e.g. handcuffs or zip-ties). Exception - when working around a bug.
    1. You are not allowed to wait at an ATM to force a player to withdraw money from his/her bank account.
    2. You are not allowed to resuscitate a player for the sole purpose of executing or robbing him/her.
  4. Combat-logging - logging out or abusing game mechanics to avoid roleplay situations - is prohibited.
    1. Users must remain on the server for fifteen (15) minutes after completing a roleplay situation.
  5. Random death-matching - the murder of individuals for no reason - is prohibited.
  6. Vehicular death-matching is permitted in the instance of a role-play situation, however, you may not chase someone down, and run them over, with your vehicle.
    1. Purposefully colliding with another object using an aircraft in order to cause damage or harm. Purposefully colliding with another car without reason in order to cause damage or harm (Includes intentional de-sync ramming).
  7. New Life Rule - You cannot return to the location where you died within ten (10) minutes or if the scenario is still ongoing.
  8. We aim to foster an advanced role-play environment where each action is meticulously executed.
    1. Disturbing/Baiting other players for no reason is considered trolling and is not permitted.
      1. This includes initiating a store/bank robbery just to activate the alarm and alert LEOs with the intention of just getting in a gunfight with them.
    2. Every action must have an underlying reason.
    3. Do not crawl through locked doors or interact with assets to create an abnormal situation.
    4. You must remain in-character at all times when on the server.
    5. You must value the importance of your life (EG If I have you at gunpoint, do as I say).
    6. Do not act unrealistically, if you wouldn't do it in real life don't do it on our server! (EG use of the phone while restrained).
  9. Excessive criminal activity or behavior deemed harmful to our server is not permitted, each crime must have an underlying reason.
  10. Role-play initiation must occur prior to any aggressive action being taken. All initiation must be verbal and within role-play. Initiation must be done on normal or louder speaking volume. If during the course of the role-play situation you are fired at by the opposition you are considered initiated into the situation and don't need to proceed verbally.
  11. You may not commit any crime within ten (10) minutes before or after a server restart.
  12. When tazed, beanbagged, or restrained by a law enforcement faction you must follow all verbal orders of the officer. You may not run or attempt to escape from an officer once you have been tazed or restrained; until an officer verbally releases you, you have been jailed, or after all law enforcement officers have left your role-play situation. Exceptions can be made where law enforcement officers no longer have authority over a situation. For example, your friends hold the officers at gunpoint and rescue you.
  13. You must wait 10 minutes to return to the active shooting situation after receiving treatment from FIFR or the FIFR NPC located at the clinics.
  14. You cannot attempt to CPR on any individuals in an ongoing situation unless that situation has ended. (Exception: the persons body is in a safe area away from the active situation)
  15. You may not kill an individual you have held up for any reason if they comply with all of your demands (demands must be reasonable within RP). Executions are still permitted but you must have a premeditated reason to carry out an execution.
  16. You may not dump your vehicle into the water for any unrealistic reason, including in attempt to escape an LEO. This is considered illogical and Fail-Roleplay.
Section 4 (Civilian Regulations)
  1. No crime zones also referred to as green zones, are approximately thirty (30) feet around all interact-able objects that block the vision of your screen, Faction sign-on NPCs are included in this regulation with the 30 feet radius in mind.
    1. The Prison, player owned homes, and the wheel menu are exempt from this regulation.
    2. The bank is also exempt once the drill has been started.
    3. The headquarters for criminal factions are exempt from this regulation, with the exception of Elk Training Grounds being a green zone.
    4. In the event a role-play situation is initiated outside a no crime zone, and a player flees to a no crime zone, the no crime zone becomes void for all parties involved in the situation until the situation is resolved.
  2. You cannot interrupt a traffic stop unless that traffic stop progresses into an arrest. A player is under arrest upon being placed in handcuffs or placed in a police officer's vehicle and read their Miranda rights.
  3. You are not permitted to utilize FIFR vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, etc.), Fire Rescue aircraft, and the Coast Guard Cutter without permission from a member of faction command.
  4. Interacting with a vehicle within ten (10) seconds of the driver exiting or it being unlocked without the operator's explicit permission is prohibited.
  5. If the server restarts whilst you are detained or restrained, you have to go back to the police department after the restart unless told otherwise by your arresting officer.
  6. Individuals are permitted to sell, distribute, utilize, or possess faction equipment for personal use or gain, with the exception of faction issued medical supplies, faction radios, handcuffs, NVG's, faction issued SMGs, vehicle disabling rifle (LRR) including the scope, and faction vehicles(those stated in 4.3) which are not allowed to be used by civilians. You may not sell faction vehicles which you obtained while in a faction unless you are selling to another faction member. (If in Faction, refer to Faction Regulations)
  7. Users are not allowed to disrupt Arma 3 Fishers Life's Fire & Rescue while they are on-duty.
  8. If you are revived by Arma 3 Fishers Life's Fire & Rescue, you are to remain in their custody and follow their instructions - failure to do so will be considered fail role-play.
  9. If you are stopped by the Sheriff's Department while driving a Peterbilt you cannot evade and must stop.
  10. You are allowed to rob Law Enforcement Officers of their uniforms and firearms. You are also allowed to make them drop their radio but are not allowed to utilize it. Handcuffs are also not permitted for civilians to be in possession of.
  11. Any person evading in the water from an LEO for 10 minutes must return back to shore if they are within five(5) ft, near proximity, or arms length, of the LEO.
  12. LEO Hostage situations, LEO kidnappings, and LEO robbing may only be performed when there are at least three (3) members of that faction, including cadets on the server. (IE: If you want to kidnap a CG member, there must be 3 CG awake). This includes DOJ. (3 Marshals must be online to carry out any of these actions on a DOJ member). This rule also applies to hits (there must be 3 members of the respective faction to complete a hit).
  13. Negotiations must be attempted before any lethal action can be taken. Maximum $25,000 per hostage.
  14. Fortressing - locking yourself or others in a confined space - is not permitted. You must have a minimum of one entrance and exit to the space, which does not impede any party, when engaged in a role-play situation.
  15. New players will have a temporary driver's license for five days from when they first join.
  16. You are not allowed to pull fire alarms for no legitimate RP reason or to just troll.
  17. Individuals may not involve themselves in an ongoing situation. You must be involved from the beginning to take part in any situation.
  18. Individuals may not loiter at DOC (This does not effect crimes such as a prison break or the evidence locker).
  19. Fake hostages are not permitted. A fake hostage is someone who voluntarily lets themselves be taken hostage.
  20. When LEOs show up to a robbery/crime, you MUST tell them how many criminals are present both internal and external, as well as how many hostages you have, if any. You MAY NOT lie about these numbers.

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Section 5 (Faction Regulations)
  1. Prior to altering existing or implementing new legislation, the Department of Justice must provide at least two (2) days notice to all citizens of Fisher's Island.
  2. Faction members are permitted to be corrupt under the following stipulations.
    1. Faction command must not be corrupt.
    2. FIFR must not be corrupt.
    3. The Coast Guard Judge Advocate General must not be corrupt. (JAG Lead)
    4. DTU Personnel must not be corrupt regarding faction corruption investigations (FISD)
    5. Reserves must not be corrupt in any faction.
  3. Faction members are not allowed to buy weapons from the NPC and then distribute and/or sell to other members or stockpile for their personal use this also includes the vehicle disabling rifle (LRR) and LRR scope. You are, however, allowed to sell uniforms with the exception of FIFR.
  4. The Sheriff's Department or any LEO faction must value the life or lives of the hostage(s) during a hostage situation. This rule is null and void if a hostage dies, is in immediate danger, or if the hostage-takers try to escape with the hostage.
  5. Faction members are prohibited from utilizing/wearing night-vision equipment unless they are flying helicopters, or operating on the cutter.
  6. Faction Response Limits - These are the maximum LEO counts allowed to respond to certain crimes. Note that if a robbery also has a hostage, numbers will be increased.
    • Major Crimes (Bank Robbery, Jewelry Vault, Evidence Locker) - # of Criminals + 3
    • Minor Crimes - # of Criminals + 2
    • Pursuits - 2 LEO Vehicles and 1 CG Air Unit or 3 LEO Vehicles
    • Any crime with a Hostage adds +2 LEOs, per hostage, to the above numbers
  7. When an LEO arrives on scene to a crime they must find out from the criminals how many criminals and hostages are present.

Section 6 - Gang Regulations
  1. A gang is defined as an organized group of individuals
  2. You must value the life of the members in your gang.
    1. If a member of your gang is taken hostage, you must attempt Negotiations or RP it out.
  3. It is mandatory and required that if you are going to operate as a gang that you agree to follow all rules and regulations surrounding them. Failure to abide by these rules can result in you and your group no longer being allowed to operate operate and/or other punishments as deemed suitable.
  4. If the gang members cause rule breaks against Arma 3 Fishers Life rules, your gang can receive a strike or multiple strikes depending on the severity. An Executive Supervisor may also disband said gang for up to seven (7) days and a Chief may disband said gang permanently.
  5. Gangs can either be neutral, enemies or allied with one other gang.
    1. You're not allowed to assist another gang when they are in trouble with law enforcement or in a war against another gang unless already involved in the situation and you were allied prior to the situation occurring.
  6. Allying is when you are working with another faction to commit a crime.

Section 7 (Staff Regulations)
  1. Staff are also accountable to the rules and regulations. Alongside following all the community rules and regulations they enforce, staff must remain respectful and professional at all times, towards all members, players, and guests. Staff are not permitted to undertake support or situation tickets in which they have direct involvement. They must instead seek a representative of the Chiefs Commission or Arma 3 Fishers Life's leadership team.
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