Changelog - Version 3.0.3 - Released 2/7/2020

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Development Team Note :

This update is the first part of a huge update that we are bringing to the community.
We are going to change major things on the Island, starting with the map which is is going to completely change.
This first update would be the cleaning part as we removed a lot of unused land, redesigned the shape of the Island and got rid of all the unoptimized and bad mapping stuff.
Some people are going to lose their houses we know that but the quality of the map will be heavily improved.

Framework Additions
  • You can now access the MDT as a passenger while the car is moving
  • Bank Robberies now have a 2 hours cool-down
  • LEOs now have a breathalyzer
  • LEOs now have a drug testing kit
  • Drugs now gives you some effects such as :
    • Unlimited Stamina
    • Regeneration of stamina
    • Running faster for a short period of time
    • Blood regeneration
    • Decreased weapon recoil
  • Cartel Faction
  • Lock-picking cells at DOC (3 FIMS required)
  • Search trash for illegal items at DOC
  • Dig out of DOC using a shovel
  • 30% chance to rag-doll someone when hitting them with a shovel, pickaxe, fireaxe or similar
  • Key-cards that can be used to open any keypad door at DOC (3 FIMS required, can be bought at pirate ship or found in trash)
Framework Changes
  • Selling items is now easier, the slider has been replaced and you can now directly write the price that you want : picture (Community Suggestion)
  • Panic Button cool-down has been changed from 30 seconds to 3 minutes (Community Suggestion)
  • Civilian SMG Recipe changed (FISD High Command, FISD Liaison, and Sub-Director Suggestion)
  • Fixed FIFR Rescue truck black screen
  • Fixed Urus gas hose attach point being backwards
  • Fixed not being able to retrieve ArmA items from factories
  • Can now pat someone down without cuffing them (need to be surrendering)
Framework Removals

Map Additions

  • Added Airfield, right of Northdale
  • Elk Bridge Added Back
  • Added New Bridge Near Springfield
  • New apple picking area, outside of Jamestown
Map Changes
  • Smoothed MSR
  • Changed Ground Texture (Grass)
  • Elk city truck and trailer revamped and moved
  • Replaced Elk Land Bridge with actual bridge
  • Re-Did rocks at Mexican hill (Beach Side)
  • Relocated power-plant to old CG base in Silverton
  • Replaced SOME Smaller Road Type, Two Larger Roads (Same Texture Road That Is At DOC)
  • Moved crime base to old Jamestown farming fields
  • Revamped Marine Factory
  • Moved Mushroom Farming
  • Moved Cocaine Processing
Map Removals
  • Deleted Land Around Deadwood
  • Moved Deadwood close to the MSR
  • Deleted Land Below Springfield
  • Deleted Land Below Weapons Factory
  • Removed Long Fences Leading To Estates.
  • Removed Freeman Hill
  • Removed large (no-clipable) rocks near Goat Hunting
  • Removed Jamestown farming fields
  • Removed house in the middle of wild boar hunting zones
Addons Additions
  • LEO Duty Belt (Model by Jay Little)
  • Lamborghini Urus speed has been increased (Community Suggestion)
  • Lamborghini Urus off-road speed has been increased (Community Suggestion)
Addons Changes
  • FIFR Rescue Truck now have a refuel point
  • Missing police cars textures have been fixed
  • Radios Animations are back
  • Community Textures update
Addons Removals
  • A3PL_Cars4.pbo has been removed (Content merged to A3PL_Jason)

Special Thanks :

As the Development Chief I'd like to thank Jake for spending 3 weeks just for this first of update reworking all the map and doing an awesome job.
Huge thanks to David for his dedication to this community as a creator and for going beyond script development by being actively involved in the overall development.
And last but not least the Quality Assurance Team which is always here to help us fixing issues and making sure everything is working properly.

Additional Information :

If you are not using Arma 3 Sync to download your addons, please make sure you remove A3PL_Cars4.pbo and A3PL_Cars4.pbo.a3fl.bisign from your files.

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report all translation errors and bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.
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