Official Community Report #64


Community Report #65

Hello Everyone, in this report we will talk about class 2s/3s, social media and our next community meeting

Class 2s/3s

Since the class 2s/3s weapon wipe we have been keeping a very close eye on the use of them. Right now we are very happy with how often they are used and when they are. Please keep it going this way so we can avoid another wipe in the future.

Social Media

For those of you that do not know, we have a Twitch, Twitter and TikTok. If you would like to follow them their links will be posted below.


Community Meeting

This week we will be hosting a community meeting on Sunday (01/16) at 4pm EST, if you have any issues, concerns, suggestions or anything you feel that should be brought up this meeting is the best place to do it!


If you have any suggestions for anything that we can add to the server please submit as many as you'd like here. If you have come across any bugs on the server, whether its an exploit or you can't open a door please submit a bug report here. Suggestions and Bug reports are very important to us as we release updates so we can make improvements and keep things running as smooth as possible.

Staff Feedback Form

We are always looking to improve our staff team. When people fill out the staff feedback form available below and checked daily by @Frank, it gives us fantastic insight into what our staff are doing right and wrong so that we can properly commend them, or hand out punishment accordingly. We regularly receive both positive and negative feedback and speak to parties accordingly when needed. When negative reports come in, Frank regularly addresses the concerns with the staff members mentioned, and when reported, brings up concerns involving the whole staff team to the management team as a whole. We kindly ask you to continue to give us feedback so we can assure you have the best experience with our staff team during your time here. The feedback form is available here:

Weekly Community Stats/Island Economy

New Players: 14
Unique Players: 170
Compensation Requests Issued: 2
/a Messages: 300
Reports Submitted with Rule Break: 11
Reports Resolved with Punishment: 9

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