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Ethan Duckman

Aug 10, 2020
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Another suggestion, this to do with configs and the framework. SO....... Boats, Yachts, Cutter, RBM, whatever point is they float. Right up until they don't, and cg can get you with another boat, a jayhawk and basket, or the BOOG boys can come scoop you out of the water for the homie hookup like they did for me. Or, when a vehicle is damaged to a certain degree, and considered by the game/config to be fully destroyed. No explosion, and no sinking. It is possible to remove those values to keep the vessel afloat, well atleast in 2018 it was possible, so again roast me if im wrong. However, having vessels remain afloat during a fire and after already being destroyed could be a REALLY cool addition to this mod.

Heres the scenario I imagine. 5 dudes out on their yacht doing literally whatever, say messing with the engines if you want for RP sake, doesnt matter, but the ship has a small explosion that incapacitates and tosses people around etc. Ideally off of the vessel or if it is static then across the deck. The vehicle is destroyed and on fire whether it be an RP/intended reason, or CG dumped a cannon round into the boat, again doesnt matter. It remains afloat, and on fire so the original A3PL Coast guard firefighting addons can be put to work. They can have another purpose for roleplay at that point. Obviously FIFR and Sheriffs get involved as well at that point.

Why are you suggesting this?
Another interesting way to utilize assets you already have available to you, albeit with most likely alot of work. However a burning ship in the middle of the ocean with 5 lives at stake is an amazing scenario given the assets function as intended. Cause that always happens lol. This applys to most if not all sea based vessels within the modpack with exception to the rhib. Because its filled with air. Doubt its staying afloat after getting shot at or lit on fire. Maybe even a towing function where Sea based vessels need to be towed to port to be repaired before you can use them again? That may be a bit much but worth it for the realism it can provide. Thanks!


Relations Chief
Mar 26, 2020

After reviewing your suggestion it has been Denied by the management team. The relevant assets already have this.

Relations Chief

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