Official Community Report #054


Community Report #054

Hello Everyone, in this report we will talk about:


Join Support today - We are currently looking for members. If helping others interests you and you want an opportunity to become an executive, feel free to place an application or contact a Senior Support or above for any questions you may have. Apply Here

Content Creator

Do you stream or make videos? Do you want the rest of the server to know where to find the content you make? Do you want to help the community grow? APPLY TO BE A CONTENT CREATOR TODAY! Apply Here

Criminal meeting

Next Sunday there will be a Criminal meeting for Criminals only, this will involve gang leaders, members and ordinary criminals. We will be talking a range of different subjects, if you have any issues, comments and/or concerns that need to be addressed please be sure to show up. The time has not yet been decided, there will be an announcement sometime this week.

USCG Commander Retirement

Commander @Luke Capicchioni has been working within the USCG for 8 months and 3 months as the Commander. We want to thank him for everything that he has done.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is now October which means it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, FISD and FIFR have skins that represent our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer has affected a lot of people in the world and even a few on this server. If you feel like you want to contribute to charities, I have linked a UK site and a US site below.


Staff Feedback Form

We are always looking to improve our staff team. When people fill out the staff feedback form available below and checked daily by @Frank, it gives us fantastic insight into what our staff are doing right and wrong so that we can properly commend them, or hand out punishment accordingly. We regularly receive both positive and negative feedback and speak to parties accordingly when needed. When negative reports come in, Frank regularly addresses the concerns with the staff members mentioned, and when reported, brings up concerns involving the whole staff team to the management team as a whole. We kindly ask you to continue to give us feedback so we can assure you have the best experience with our staff team during your time here. The feedback form is available here:

Weekly Community Stats/Island Economy

New Players: 8
Unique Players: 146
Compensation Requests Issued: 4
/a Messages: 283
Reports Submitted with Rule Break: 5
Reports Resolved with Punishment: 6

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