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Twista Fist

Aug 8, 2021
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I am suggesting a combat overhaul. I will suggest 3 major changes in 1 suggestion to save making three. I think these will make combat more realistic.

1. Remove the crosshair- It is basically cheating and a free scope and not very realistic.

2. Remove the first person lock- I understand why it exists however it feels clunky and lags me out. I know people will be peeking with third person but people can already do this by not shooting for a certain amount of time. That's also when third person may be a problem in longer gunfights so either way it does not work.

3. Increase gun damage- People can get shot in the head and bandage it and remain in the fight, it is not realistic. I think all guns should be a maximum 2 shot insta kill, and all calibres should kill to the head. This would make gunfights more dynamic as people will focus on getting the 1 to 2 shots that would kill someone (as they would in real life) rather then spraying a mag then bandaging 3 times and repeating til the other person in low on blood or out of medical supplies.

Why are you suggesting this?
I think even just one or two of these being implemented would increase the quality of the server.

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