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Marshall Macintosh

Content Creator
Content Creator
Sheriff's Department
Jan 3, 2020
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In our last community meeting we were talking about new ways to make it so you don't just make easy money without any real fear of getting caught by the law. I was thinking and my suggestion is instead of doing one trip to sell all your drugs I would suggest making it like you are actually selling drugs to people. I would do this by maybe making a app on the phone where if you wanna sell drugs you click what drug you wanna sell then a marker on the map comes up telling you to meet this person at a random location aka a Moving NPC walking around for example a neighborhood, alleys, behind dumpsters etc.. when you get to the location it will be a randomized number of what they wanna buy so say you are selling weed one NPC Might want one 100g bag and maybe the next one wants 5 50g bags. I wouldn't wanna see a cooldown timer on how many people you can sell it too in a period of time. I also feel like it would take a decent amount of time to tweak the amount you can sell from one NPC so its actually still worth making drugs and selling them.

Why are you suggesting this?
I'm making this suggestion because this would give SD a chance of catching people sell drugs and it will make it so the criminals will have risks when selling drugs.

Layne Hansen

Oct 23, 2020
During my time in SD, we still caught people lacking that were moving coke. It becomes clear when you got rented mail trucks, box trucks- stuff that can hold physical items, you tend to look for that stuff in transit. K9 is also a tool that helps SD determine if it's a coke shipment without needing probable cause for an initial search, so I'd say it's pretty even as is. This system would just discourage doing cocaine since it'd become more of a nuisance and just adds to the stuff criminals need to do without changing at all how much SD has to do, tilting the scales.
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Dan Hansen

Sheriff's Department
Nov 30, 2020
we’re kingpins not street level dealers

drugs are already annoying as fuck to make

Niall Mcslive

Dec 16, 2019
The problem this island has is one of its main attractions.

Being able to put stuff in your house, store that stuff and be able to hide in a cubby hole making the majority of the process is where drugs is relatively easy. Theres not alot of risk in physically sitting there and making the drugs. Sure, DTU will investigate peoples houses etc. but if your smart you will not be caught.

If it were possible to make it more of an incentive to NOT be in a building while processing it would eliminate this. Being out in the open is alot more tense and IMO more engaging and thrilling than watching your netflix show while banging out some cocaine bricks.

Another island I knew had a fairly simple yet fun system for EVERYONE. They had plantations where civilians could see immediately upon waking up, go to a plantation and start growing legal or illegal plants there. SD had to go to a NPC and ask for a possible amount of locations and then use a soil tester to confirm it is actually a plantation. Drugs did not need a long process so it was simply get the raw shit put it in a factory process raw shit into good shit and sell good shit to a drug dealer van that would rotate around every hour.

The plantations allowed for civilians to fuck with other civilians, for gangs to rob other gangs drugs, and for the cops to bust criminals etc.

Being able to store drug equipment in your house IMO is where the whole drugs game are easy thing comes from. Hell, some buildings have rooms where theres no windows and with a bit of a USA flag you can block any viewpoints into the room.

Im not just writing this as a SD officer who wants to bust more criminals. When I was a criminal, I remember organising a massive group civilian growing operation at the Silverton Apple picking farming fields, where we grew, processed and protected our operation in the middle of the field. SEVERAL LEOS passed by our operation without even saying a word, until they all formulated a plan, got a motherclucking USCG Cutter pointed towards our direction and once negotiations clearly failed all hell let loose. THAT was fun, and id love if people did that again.

Currently on a3fl you do get an incentive for growing the raw plants such as weed outside in a field. But its the processing part which is fairly easy. If the processing step was made not HARDER but RISKIER it would be more entertaining I think for everybody involved.

Making it so you have to go to hundreds of different places is just plain tedious.

I was the one who tried bringing this up in the meeting and I felt it was miunderstood. Hopefully this has cleared it up. I not saying make it HARDER to do drugs or to make it so you have to do literally everything outdoors, but trying to find a way to make it more RISKIER is where I believe it would be more fun.

Maybe REMOVE the ability to store drug manufacturing equipment in your house (Houses would still be useful as storage spaces, and storing your raw goods), but instead make several locations around the island where you can go and process your raw drugs. Make it rotate every 2-3 hours and make it so civilians can go to crime base and very easily get the locations where LEOS have to get "clues" as to where they are, such as it is in X town.

This might be seen as copying a different place, but ArmA has surpassed many peoples expectations for how long it has lasted. You dont need to reinvent the wheel,

EDIT: This would create roleplay without relying on the player economy you are suggesting. This also would CRIPPLE peoples banks as atleast NPCS are consistant for the most part.


Gameplay Chief
May 12, 2020

After reviewing your suggestion it has been Accepted by the management team. Not necessarily what you suggested, however, redbox is going to purchase drugs as well. There should be a system coming soon that should help with this.

Relations Chief
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