Official Community Report #43

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Community Report #43

Hello Everyone, in this report we will talk about some upcoming DOJ changes, server optimizations, and changes to our weed system.

Updated DOJ Laws and Regulation

Over the last couple months, @John, myself, and many others have been working creating a more simplified and effective DOJ system that is welcoming to new players, the general community at large, as well as DOJ employees. We have almost completed all these changes and hope to be announcing everything soon. Look out for a post with all the included changes in the near future!

Server Optimization in 3.9.1

For some time now @Richard and @Winston have actively been working to optimize our framework with some new scripting mechanics added through recent Arma 3 updates. Coming in version 3.9.1 we hope to release changes for about 75% of our server config files that run literally every single second on the server. In some cases, some of the optimizations to files allowed for an over 20x increase in performance versus the previous state of the system, which in many ways hadn't been changed since back when they were written in the early days of A3PL. We expect these changes to have a decent increase in performance when run on the live server and can't wait to get them all implemented!

Weed System Changes

We've heard you loud and clear in terms of wanting things to change with our updated weed system. While we will be increasing the price of weed as has been suggested since the inclusion, we also intend to expand the system itself further beyond how it currently functions. With the expansion of the system would come changes that allow for increased profits, additional realistic use cases, and more! Look out for a possible dev blog on this information, and always be sure to take a look at the changelog for the update when it is posted to get more information.

Staff Feedback Form

We are always looking to improve our staff team. When people fill out the staff feedback form available below and checked daily by @Frank, it gives us fantastic insight into what our staff are doing right and wrong so that we can properly commend them, or hand out punishment accordingly. We regularly receive both positive and negative feedback and speak to parties accordingly when needed. When negative reports come in, Frank regularly addresses the concerns with the staff members mentioned, and when reported, brings up concerns involving the whole staff team to the management team as a whole. We kindly ask you to continue to give us feedback so we can assure you have the best experience with our staff team during your time here. The feedback form is available here:

Weekly Community Stats/Island Economy

New Players: 15
Unique Players: 191
Compensation Requests Issued: 9
/a Messages: 217
Reports Submitted with Rule Break: 2
Reports Resolved with Punishment: 5


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