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Joe Toombe

May 18, 2021
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(This is a repost to correct the channel)

To whom it concerns,
Here's a compilation of some things I've noticed while on the island.

- Pallet and barrel objects that stack inside themselves occurs if aligned on the same orientation as the same type object placed.

- The Kenworth Tow truck can allow for objects to be placed freely and off the bed/tray if the character holding the pallet object first pushes the object against the back of the cab of the truck and without stepping shifts the camera view and places. Leaving floating pallets connected but not touching the truck ect.

- Anchors sink boats if deployed for too long.

- (May already be aware) Food factories are connected and make boat transport between Lubok and the main island obsolete. *Heard that was because the LMC was not working very well.

- Carry capacity can be exceeded to indefinite amounts if the character: drops stack, collects all, drops more plus collected stack, collects all, ect. *Virtual Items.

I'm not sure if these need addressing or not, or if you're already aware of these. I hope anything from these observations help.
If you need more information feel free to contact me.

Written by,
Joe Toombe.

Recording isn't set up, I'll upload evidence in future instances when it is functional.

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