Vehicle Bug Report | Box Trailer Part 3

Carl Obrian

Coast Guard
May 16, 2021
The World
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Issue description
The Box Trailer is 1 big buggy mess (more so than the other trailers so far i seen)

It tends to drift way too easy (making me sometimes drive with a trailer almost entirely reversed where im driving over road and trailers ass is next to my cabin)

Way more jumpy to launch you into space than lowloader.
(if you do it properly with the lowloader you rarely have issues...
but with the Box Trailer just getting inside of it: "Walking inside the trailer on cargo floor" can get you launched into space)

when it gets lose from the cabin because of a successfull or failed space launch it often cannot be disconnected as it says: "no vehicle nearby"
even after i set the cabin right in front of it.
making it i have to respawn trailer for it to go away cuss cant re-attach it if i cant disconnected it first

The Inventory of the Box Trailer is wrong also.
(either by bug or otherwise)
currently the box trailer is only able to hold LESS than the T440 Box in its virtual cargo hold while the Box trailer is obviously bigger.

(i tested this with 500 iron ore.....
the difference in capacity was that in T440 Box it showed as % a wooping 13% less of capacity used than with box trailer for the same 500 Iron Ore)

Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc):
N/A at the time but if wished for can be done.

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