Official Community Report #42


Community Report #42

Hello Everyone, in this report we will talk about our newest server update, the recent community meeting, and more!

Update Version 3.9

This last weekend we pushed our newest update, version 3.9 to the community. This brought in many changes such as an entirely revamped weed system, several new weapons, and much more! In addition there were also dozens of bugs fixed thanks to help of the members of the community who reported them. As always, we do extensive QA testing to try and find issues with systems that are being implemented, but sometimes issues appear randomly or go unnoticed through our team. Since the update we've already fixed several oddities and will keep doing so as they are brought to our attention. If you come across something that doesn't seem correct, or is seemingly clearly a server bug, please submit a bug report HERE. Every time you submit a bug report, we have a running total for what you have submitted. The more bugs you submit, the more rewards you can receive, so thanks for reporting any and every bug you come across! If you are interested in what all was added or changed in this update, check out the changelog HERE.

Community Meeting

Yesterday, we hosted one of our Community Meetings, we hope to do these every so often to touch base with our community members and see what we can do better as a staff and management team to further enhance the experience of players just like you. There were some great conversations had at the meeting and we will continue to plan for our next meeting, whenever that may be. One of the main focuses we want to push for in the next meeting is much more of a conversation on the community itself rather than a majority of it being about development. While conversations about that aren't entirely bad, we want to do our best to understand general issues or topics related to the community as a whole rather than one aspect. Thanks for all who stopped by, and we hope to see you at the next one!

Support Applications

Our Support Team is always looking good applicants who will help us provide around the clock help to members of the community, no matter their needs. While experience is fantastic, none is necessary! Everything you need to know will be taught on the job and members of the team are always willing to help one another in solving issues you may not be certain about. In addition, becoming a Support Member is the first step to becoming an Executive! If you feel the want to help our community and start on a path within our Staff Team, feel free to apply today at the link HERE

Staff Feedback Form

We are always looking to improve our staff team. When people fill out the staff feedback form available below and checked daily by @Frank, it gives us fantastic insight into what our staff are doing right and wrong so that we can properly commend them, or hand out punishment accordingly. We regularly receive both positive and negative feedback and speak to parties accordingly when needed. When negative reports come in, Frank regularly addresses the concerns with the staff members mentioned, and when reported, brings up concerns involving the whole staff team to the management team as a whole. We kindly ask you to continue to give us feedback so we can assure you have the best experience with our staff team during your time here. The feedback form is available here:

Weekly Community Stats/Island Economy

New Players: 18
Unique Players: 198
Compensation Requests Issued: 9
/a Messages: 174
Reports Submitted with Rule Break: 6
Reports Resolved with Punishment: 6


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