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Dec 1, 2019

Framework Additions
  • Company Management (Community Suggestion)
    • Ability to create Ranks within your Company
    • Ability to set Permissions for each Rank
    • Ability to set Pay for each Rank
    • Permissions Available: Hire/Fire | Access Shop Management | Access Company Bank | Access Company Ranks | Access Company Garage | Transfer to/from Company Garage
  • Taser/Pistol Swap (Community Suggestion)
    • Swap between a Taser and Pistol easily via Keybind!
    • Default key is CTRL + 4 | Key is Rebindable
  • Furniture Movement (Community Suggestion)
    • Ability to Rotate furniture clockwise/counterclockwise & raise/lower
    • PAGEUP - Raise
    • PAGEDOWN - Lower
    • END - Rotate Clockwise
    • HOME - Rotate Counterclockwise
  • Physical Items (Pallets, Clothing, etc) can now be sold via Company Shop (Community Suggestion)
  • Viewlicense MDT command
    • New MDT command that gives you a list of all players with the license you put in | Usage: viewlicense [license code] | Usable By: FIFR & DOJ

Framework Changes
  • Clothing Factory Split (Community Suggestion)
    • Civilian Clothes at original Clothing Factory
    • Company Clothes at City Hall in Silverton
    • Criminal/Gang Clothes at Crime Base
  • Slightly increase money earned from Roadside Services terrain fix (Community Suggestion)
  • Increase range for Melee Weapons
  • Motel doors now unlocked by default
  • Added Mining Shop to Lubbock Mining Mike
  • Furniture Limits for Houses/Warehouses
    • Increased from 25 to 30
    • Increased to 40 if you have Furniture Perk
  • Farming System
    • Plants can no longer be placed within 1m of another plant
    • Maximum plants in a 100m area is 100 plants
    • When planting a seed, you will be moved forward allowing you to place another seed quickly (Similar to prospecting)
  • Crime Timers
    • Jewelry Vault Drilling - Increased from 60s to 120s
    • Bank Vault Drilling - Decreased from 60s to 45s
    • Bank Deposit Boxes - Decreased from 30s to 20s
    • Better Buy Illegal Furniture Spawn Time - Decreased from 180s to 120s

Framework Bug-Fixes
  • (#762) Fixed a bug causing players to spawn in Debug Corner with no clothes/items
  • (#891) Fixed a bug causing Fire Alarm markers to not disappear
  • (#896) Fixed a bug causing SD/FIFR Training Grounds houses to appear when using Unowned Houses App
  • (#903) Fixed a bug causing Earplugs to sometimes decrease by random values
  • (#908) Fixed a bug causing players to be able to lockpick their cells without 3 FIMS awake
  • (#909) Fixed a bug causing the Inventory Weight Check to not work properly with Factories
  • (#911) Fixed a bug causing players to be able to tow aircraft
  • Fixed an issue causing Physical Storage of storage boxes to sometimes delete itself if you store too many items in it. (Still an issue, but the limit was drastically increased)
  • Removed Boulder City from the address system

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • Glock 26 pistol
    • Available at: CCP Shop, Weapon Factory, LEO Shops
  • FNX45 pistol
    • Available at: CCP Shop, Weapon Factory, LEO Shops
  • Remington M870 Shotgun
    • Available at: Weapons Factory, LEO Shops
    • Ammo: Buckshot, Slug, Breach, Beanbag
  • Golden Baseball Bat (Big Dicks Sporting Goods)
  • Golden Colt Python (Gang Shop, Weapons Factory)
  • Golden Desert Eagle (Gang Shop, Weapons Factory)
  • Dick Stick
    • Available at: Big Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Golden Dick Stick
    • Available at: Big Dicks Sporting Goods

Addons Changes
  • Better Buy roof texture (Community Suggestion)

Addons Bug-Fixes
  • (#882) Fixed a bug causing Dolphin to always spawn with full fuel
  • (#888) Fixed a bug causing DOC Gates to be McFronked

Map Changes
Map Bug-Fixes
  • (#889) Removed landing lights in water near DOC
  • (#900) Fixed Jaywalking Fire Hydrant near Kings Landing

Additional Information :
  • Full ModPack 3.9.0 (Manual Download):
  • Updated Addons only:

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