Current Version Changelog - Version 3.8.1 - Released 4/24/2021


Lead Developer
Dec 1, 2019

Framework Additions
  • iPhone Application - Find Available Houses (Community Suggestion)
    • New App on your phone that allows you to choose a type of house (IE: Trailer, Shed, Mansion) and shows nearby houses of that type that are Vacant
  • iPhone Application - Gas Stations (Community Suggestion)
    • New App on your phone that lists all of the gas stations including the amount of fuel they contain and the cost per gallon
  • iPhone Application - Notes (Community Suggestion)
    • New App on your phone that allows you to write notes with a custom title. You can also give these notes to other players
  • iPhone Application - Call History (Community Suggestion)
    • New App on your phone that lists a history of calls to and from your phone. Clicking on a number in your Call History allows you to call back that number.
  • LEO Factions can now question Store Clerks (Community Suggestion)
    • Informs the LEO what goods were stolen
    • Informs the LEO what type of weapon was used (IE: Shotgun, SMG, Rifle, Pistol, Melee)
  • FIMS Command can now move the Evidence Box and load it onto vehicles
  • Civilian Backpacks (Community Suggestion)
    • Purchasable at Clothing Shop in Deadwood
  • Blindfolds
    • Purchasable at Crime Base
    • Having a blindfold in your pockets and looking at a player that is ziptied or handcuffed gives you an E-Menu option to blindfold them
    • To remove the blindfold, you can E-Menu remove blindfold on them, or unzip/uncuff them and they can remove it themselves

Framework Changes
  • Buying/Selling lockers now asks for confirmation (Community Suggestion)
  • HUD Split (Community Suggestion)
    • Player Name/XP is now a separate toggle-able option from Hunger/Health/Thirst
  • Lockpicks and Zipties are now craftable at Goods Factory (Community Suggestion)
  • Reduced the width of Twitter Feed (Community Suggestion)
  • When executing a hostage they will now have a bullet wound in the head
  • Rewrote the Resource Spawning system
    • Ores no longer spawn inside towns
    • Ores no longer spawn directly on the shorelines
  • Airhorn added on the ambulances (FIFR Suggestion)
  • Added get out of stretcher option for cuffed people
  • Added DOJ on the phone faction counter (DOJ Suggestion)
  • Reworked fire alarms script
  • House & Warehouse Robbery/Secure can now be done on any exterior door
  • Spike Strips were drastically improved
    • Now plays a sound of your tire leaking air when ran over before popping the tire
    • Now actually pops tires on any vehicle

Framework Bug-Fixes
  • (#720) Fixed Resources spawning inside Towns
  • (#723) Fixed Gas Station sign not updating when you change the price
  • (#743) Fixed Heavy Ladder not properly intaking Water
  • (#752) Fixed Accessories in clothing not showing up during Patdown
  • (#765) Fixed an issue preventing invoices from deleting after being paid
  • (#803) Fixed locality with gas refueling/repair wrenches - You no longer have to be the driver to refuel or repair a vehicle
  • (#829) Fixed Ranch house in Oakside Village back doors not locking as intended
  • (#837) Fixed Charger/Silverado K9 Positions
  • (#840) Fixed TFR Radio Animation Deletes Mag
  • (#847) Fixed an issue causing your game to lag out after extend time of excavator usage
  • (#848) Fixed Rescue Truck ladder making the truck go boom
  • (#851) Fixed Warehouse Taxes not properly splitting between roommates
  • (#863) Fixed Enter As Passenger option missing from boats
  • (#864) Fixed Visibility Check for sitting in chairs/lying in beds
  • (#865) Fixed Furniture Perk Shop displaying items as "inh"
  • (#867) Fixed House spawn point
  • (#873) Fixed an issue causing only one door able to be used to rob/secure a house or warehouse
  • (#874) Fixed spike strips not working properly
  • (#876) Fixed Elk City boat spawn
  • (#878) Fixed SD Training Grounds shop preview location
  • (#879) Fixed postal service package delivery not giving option to deliver packages
  • Fixed Contact delete button not working
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles purchased from a company shop spawning without a texture
  • Fixed an issue with loading bars sometimes not appearing if you do something shortly after your previous loading bar ended
  • Fixed buckets getting deleted by the server cleanup script
  • Fixed rented vehicles not being cleaned up by server cleanup script
  • Fixed an issue with being able to melee unconscious players
  • Fixed DOC lockers being inside the wall
  • Fixed pulling items out of factory not running the inventory weight check
  • Fixed modshop upgrades not putting stock part back on when uninstalling custom part (Modshop needs more work, soontm)

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • K9 Explorer
  • Benelli M4 Shotgun (Buckshot, Slug rounds)
  • FIFR Kenworth T440 Water Tanker

Addons Changes
  • HK UMP 45 can now have a flashlight
  • Spotlight added to Chevrolet Silverado (LEO Versions)
  • Cell numbers plates added above DOC Cells
  • Added Fire Alarms in several public buildings
    • Jewelry Store
    • Better Buy
    • Barbershop
    • Modern Stores
    • Clinics
    • Banks
    • Furniture Stores
    • Sheriff Dep. Substations
    • DOC Gate
    • Courthouses
    • Prison
  • Eyewash station in clinics to remove pepper spray effects (Community Suggestion)
  • Added ladder interactions on the coffee shops (Robbable stores)
  • Added Access Computer interaction in the FISD Substation building

Addons Bug-Fixes
  • (#296) Fixed Northern Island Taco Hell interactions
  • (#672) Fixed motel back door and window collisions
  • (#682) Fixed DOJ building walking thru staircase
  • (#721) Fixed stair cases collisions on Motels
  • (#769) Fixed invisible wall in the furniture store building
  • (#792) Fixed Colt Python Hip/ADS aim centering
  • (#811) Fixed MK18 Sounds disappearing after certain range
  • (#823) Fixed Colt Python shadows
  • (#856) Fixed Modern Shop Door missing interactions
  • (#868) Fixed Rolls Royce brakes
  • (#858) Fixed Dolphin fuel consumption
  • (#852) Fixed Chevy Suburban being able to walk thru it
  • (#855) Fixed Chevy Silverado Slicktop radar not working
  • (#871) Fixed Prison hidden room jump
  • Fixed ACR being sighted for SMG Sights
  • Fixed Fire Station shadows
  • Fixed Chevy Suburban shadows
  • Fixed Kenworth T370 shadows
  • Fixed Lakeview mansions stair cases collisions and other buildings
  • Fixed ATC Tower door interaction
  • Fixed brakes on 2018 Tahoe, Taurus, Mustang 15 and RS7
  • Fixed stretcher get out position
  • Fixed stretcher geometry when lowering the legs
  • Fixed Jewlery Store windows and glass door, couldn't see the fires through them
  • Fixed Better buy windows, couldn't see the fires through them

Map Changes
Map Bug-Fixes

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