Official Community Report #035


Community Report #035

Hello Everyone, in this report we will be speaking about our most recent update, a new event calendar, LEO corruption, and more!

Update 3.8 Released!

This weekend we released update 3.8! We added multiple new things such as a melee system, complete changes to the house robbery system and much more! If you're interested in what else changed with the update, check out the changelog HERE. If you have an idea of something you want to see in future updates we always welcome our community to submit suggestions. Suggestions are the life blood of our server and have been a tremendous help in the creation of new and inventive crimes, objects, activities, and more. If you would like to submit a suggestion, you can do so HERE

Event Calendar

Starting this month, we will be working on posting most of our events on a calendar for the community to view. We hope to use this in an effort to get more people to participate in some events and compete for different prizes. It doesn't have much on it now, but look for it to be filled out moving forward throughout every week. Check our our Event Calendar HERE. If you have an idea for an event you would like to see, please submit a suggestion HERE

New Faction Hiring Status Page

This last week, we create a faction hiring status thread that details the hiring status of all the factions, open slots, and estimated time for applications to open. We intend to use this a lot more as a one stop shop for anyone looking to apply for various factions. Every time status changes, we will make a post to notify everyone so feel free to watch the thread if you would like to be updated with that information. Check out the thread HERE

LEO Corruption

Today, we made the decision to modify rules regarding corruption within factions. Specifically, these rules were added into section 5, subsection 2 of the rules and they now add that "Faction members may not Commit any premeditated killings" and "Faction Members may not rob any stores, Banks, Gas Stations, and Jewelry stores while on-duty or signed in as an LEO Faction". If required, we will adjust these rules to be more clear and fit the current needs of the community. The reason these had to be added is due to an uptick in corruption throughout LEO factions in ways that the management team thought weren't healthy long term to community growth\. there is the possibility we will relax these regulations in some way, but as for now they are set in stone.

Bug Reports

It has come to our attention again that recently that many people are aware of broke assets, scripts, or otherwise and rather than reporting the issue, just seem to complain about the fact that it doesn't work as intended. Please understand, our development team is unable to fix any bug we're not aware of, so by failing to report things and continually complaining about things being broken to your friends, you are almost ensuring things don't get fixed. The first time you find something broken, please report it. It doesn't matter if you think someone already reported it or it is a duplicate of a previous post, because in many cases it is not. Along with that, please provide evidence in your report so we actually can replicate the bug, as reports without evidence can sometimes be useless if we can't replicate/find the bug/issue anywhere. We want to continue to update the server and fix issues as they arise, but without actually knowing something is broken, we can't fix it. So please, submit bug reports to this forum HERE and we will fix them as soon as humanly possible.

Staff Feedback Form

We are always looking to improve our staff team. When people fill out the staff feedback form available below and checked daily by @Frank, it gives us fantastic insight into what our staff are doing right and wrong so that we can properly commend them, or hand out punishment accordingly. We regularly receive both positive and negative feedback and speak to parties accordingly when needed. When negative reports come in, Frank regularly addresses the concerns with the staff members mentioned, and when reported, brings up concerns involving the whole staff team to the management team as a whole. We kindly ask you to continue to give us feedback so we can assure you have the best experience with our staff team during your time here. The feedback form is available here:

New & Unique Player Stats/Island Economy

New Players This Week: 25
Unique Players This Week: 216


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