Current Version Changelog - Version 3.8.0 - Released 4/03/2021


Community Director
Dec 1, 2019

Framework Additions
  • Melee System
    • 7 Different melee punches/kicks
    • Default Keybinds: Shift+1 thru Shift+7 (Rebindable)
    • 10+ animations for being hit
    • Short cooldown after using melee attack before allowed to use another melee attack
    • Some heavy hits will knock you to the ground
    • Stamina used every hit (Naked player has about 58 Stamina)
      • Miss - 12 Stamina
      • Strong Hit - 8 Stamina
      • Light Hit - 4 Stamina
    • Chance to receive injuries
      • Body Parts: Head, Torso, Chest, Pelvis
      • Injuries: Concussion, Bruise, Minor Wound, Major Wound, Broken Bone
  • Jayhawk E-Menu Additions (Community Suggestion)
    • Switch to Gunner
    • Switch from Gunner
    • Open Sliding Door
  • Twitter History call-back (Community Suggestion)
    • When viewing the message history in Twitter App, double-clicking a message will automatically put the phone number associated with the message
  • Wipe Blood off eyes (Community Suggestion)
    • If you have lost blood, you can use your E-Menu to wipe the blood out of your eyes and it will slowly come back
  • Completely rewrote House/Warehouse robberies (Community Suggestion)
    • Previous:
      • Loot tables were poop
      • One player could rob a house/warehouse and then 30 mins before another person can
    • Now:
      • Once you start lockpicking, you cannot stop
      • Every house and warehouse has it's own 30 minute cooldown
      • Every player has a separate 5 minute cooldown for house and warehouses
      • Verbal Alarm goes off 100% of the time
      • LEO alert AFTER robbery goes off 100% of the time
      • Silent Alarm goes off BEFORE robbery - The better the house, the higher the chance of the silent alarm being tripped
      • Loot tables are based on the house - The better the house, the better loot you will find
      • Amount of loot based on # of LEOs - More LEOs awake, more pulls from the loot table

Framework Changes
  • Crime Base now sells Anonymous Masks (Community Suggestion)
  • Emojis now work in /dn & /ad
  • Cocaine Bricks are now created slightly above ground to prevent falling thru floors
  • Taking ATC Job now gives Rangefinders (Community Suggestion)
  • Cyanide Pills now give Drug Overdose injury
  • All Gang/Personal Bank transfer limits increased to $250k (Community Suggestion)
  • LEOs are no longer able to pull suspects out of moving vehicles (Community Suggestion)
  • LEOs are no longer able to pull suspects out of locked vehicles unless the windows are broken (Community Suggestion)
  • When patting down a suspect, their name now shows up on the UI (Community Suggestion)
  • When you impound a vehicle, the pay is now based on the Vehicle's MSRP. Minimum $2500 earnings (Community Suggestion)
  • Bar Gate Changes
    • All faction members can still access all bargates for their respecting factions
    • Civilians in faction vehicles can only access that factions bargates. EX: Stealing a FISD vehicle will only allow you to use FISD bargates, not FIFR bargates
    • Only the driver of vehicles can use the bargate hotkey
  • Golden Dildo now purchasable in Jewelry Store
  • Bullet Casings are now spread out when dropped (Community Suggestion)

Framework Bug-Fixes
  • (#768) Fixed an issue allowing non-company members to move your objects
  • (#775) Fixed spawnpoint of Elk Training Grounds car retrieval
  • (#808) Fixed Commercial Air License not showing properly after being given to a player
  • (#812) Fixed Chevy Silverado Slicktop radar not functioning properly
  • (#815/834) Fixes issues with MDT arrestlist, ticketlist, warrantlist. Fixed Drivers license displaying as no license
  • (#816) Fixed issues with Spike Strips not damaging tires properly
  • (#819) Fixed Trailer attach points on Chevy Silverado's
  • (#830) Fixed being unable to take shemags during patdown
  • (#835) Fixed an issue with Factory UI's having large text, sometimes causing text to be cut-off
  • (#838) Fixed an issue with CG Dolphin not marking properly on the map
  • (#839) Fixed an issue with USCG Base helicopter spawn pad spawning vehicles too high
  • (#841) Fixed being unable to take hats/helmets during patdown
  • (#842) Fixed not being able to detain more than one cuffed suspect into a vehicle
  • (#844) Fixed issue with Postal Service delivery to Northdale Automotive
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to swap between prison cells using beds/toilets
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use the DOC towers when they cannot see the actual ladder

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • Parade Uniforms for all Factions
  • Added 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn
  • Added BMW M6 Tuned (Several modshop upgrades)

Addons Changes
  • Added Collision Lights to M900

Addons Bug-Fixes
  • (#632) Fixed Kenworth T370 crash damage
  • (#772) Fixed Chevy Silverado Door interior model issue
  • (#796) Fixed Chevy Silverado not being able to remove Antenna
  • (#797) Fixed Chevy Silverado LEO lights being improper color
  • (#800) Fixed 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Directional Lights not working properly
  • (#825) Fixed 2015 Ford Mustang radar poking thru windshield
  • (#832) Fixed Kenworth T440 Seat Height
  • (#850) Fixed an issue with a fence being invincible
  • Fixed 2020 Ford Explorer Slick-top direction bar red/blue's not illuminating
  • Fixed T440 crash damage
  • Fixed M900 spotlight not pointing forward
  • Fixed M900 Copolit Exit Vehicle putting you dumb far away from the M900
  • Fixed M900 Enter as Passenger putting you in the wrong seat
  • Fixed M900 not being texture-able/paint-able

Map Changes
  • Elk Revamp
    • Elk is now pretty
    • Elk is no longer super laggy
    • Elk is more spread out
    • Elk has less housing
    • Elk is great again
  • Moved DMV to Silverton
Map Bug-Fixes
  • (#818) Fixed Import/Export building floating
  • (#824) Fixed non-functional gate in Deadwood
  • (#826) Fixed house sign being too far away
  • (#828) Fixed warehouse sign in springfield being too far away
  • (#829) Fixed mexican hill gas man trying to go to space

Additional Information :

WARNING: If you download the updated addons only, make sure you delete A3PL_Textures2.pbo and A3PL_Textures2.pbo.a3fl.bisign.

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Community Director
Dec 1, 2019
3.8.0 Hotfix #1
(Live @ Restart 4/7/2021 8AM EST)

Framework Changes
  • Bug #690 - Fixed being unable to put Kerosene/Petrol into Tankers
  • Refueling Upgrades
    • You can now use a Kenworth T440 Gas Tanker, Fuel Van & Tanker Trailer to refuel boats/helis/planes using Kerosene
    • You can now use a Kenworth T440 Gas Tanker, Fuel Van & Tanker Trailer to refuel vehicles using Petrol
    • You can now use a Kenworth T440 Gas Tanker, Fuel Van & Tanker Trailer to fill Gas Stations using Petrol

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