Official Financial Report | February 2021


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Dec 1, 2019
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Financial Report #006 | February 2021

Hello everyone,

Time for another financial report to see where the dollars went!

In his report, you will find:

  • How much we earned from Perks
  • How much we earned from Donations
  • How much we spent on Server Costs
  • How much we spent on Models/Assets
  • How much we paid our Developers
If you would like to review the spreadsheet yourself, click HERE. Otherwise, enjoy this cool photograph!

Last month, I made the community aware of our upcoming web host costs with GoDaddy. Ya'll pulled through on that. I cannot thank you enough. With our current account balance, we are very close to paying for the web host. This months server costs plus the webhost, and then subtracting our account balance, we are only $400 away from paying everything off. This is AMAZING news. We are no longer in "debt" from my overspending on assets. Sadly our development team has gotten a bit smaller recently, so the rate at which all these assets we have will make it into the island will be a bit slower. Rest assured, we are definitely still working hard to bring you all new stuff, alongside fixing old things. Again, thank you all for your support. I never thought we would get this much love and support from the community.

Titty Sprinkles.


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