Official Community Report #029


Community Report #029

Hello Everyone, in this report we'll talk about our new update, faction cap raises, excessive point punishment review, and staff/events on island.

Update 3.7 Released

Yesterday, we released update 3.7. In this update we added a new trucking job, a moveable stretcher, new weapons, vehicles, and much more! As with all updates, if you do find any bugs or things that just don't seem right, please file a bug report so that we know it is broken. We do our best to fix bugs by the next update cycle and reports are tremendously helpful when it comes to finding them. If you would like to see more about the update, check out the changelog HERE, or if you would like to see some of what was added, check out the post HERE. Lastly, if you have something you would like to see on the server, please be sure to submit a suggestion! We go through them every week at our Management Meeting and add as much as we can.

Faction Cap Raises

In our meeting we decided that we wanted to listen to some advice from a few faction command members and raise the cap of every faction. We're interested to see what kind of effect this has on the community and will actively be watching how this change affects things such as player count, general player activity, and more stats. We are hopeful that this will make it more enjoyable for the general player base throughout more hours of the day as we intend this to allow factions to hire more members across many different time zones which in turn should boost faction activity across the board.

Support Feedback Form

For those that weren't aware, we have a feedback form available for our support team. Whenever you are pulled into a room and they assist you with whatever you need, we greatly appreciate people who are able to fill out our Support Feedback Form. This helps us immensely in recognizing those that go over the top on their support duties as well as areas we can work on as a team. At some point in the future we intend to implement an automated process that messages anyone moved to "Issue Resolved" with the feedback form so that we can get a more accurate depiction of the current state of the team.

Faction Feedback Form

Starting this week, we are instituting monthly rollouts of the Management-reviewed Faction Feedback Form. We do these regularly to understand as a management team where the faults and positives are within our respective factions and work to change things as necessary. These forms have already been posted to the various factions and we will review responses as they come in.

Staff on Island/Fed Events

Recently it has come to our attention that members of our staff team have been acting inappropriately on the server. More specifically, we have noticed a general issue of the island turning into a "staff playground" in some ways. As a a Management Team we are cracking down on this behavior as a whole and are handing out punishments as necessary. Along with this, as many people may know, we occasionally will do events hosted by members of the staff team. In the past week or two there seems to have been an uptick in events related to shooting and gunplay rather than events that create genuine roleplay. From this point forward we are putting a greater focus on more passive RP events that create scenarios different than what some players may have experienced often or at all in the past. Also, if you are in an RP situation with an Executive or higher, no matter who it is, please understand that we want to RP things out just as much as other people. DO NOT ask if things are a "Fed Event", just play the situations out as they come and we will communicate anything down the line as necessary. RP is really something we are always pushing towards and when people call out and say things like that out loud, it takes away from the whole situation.

Expired Points & Punishment Review

For quite some time now, expired points (points players have received from rule breaks that have surpassed 60 days since given) have not really been reviewed as has been intended by our Operations Manual. Recently we have starting working on creating a system to properly review players with 15+ expired points in an effort to ensure players with large punishment histories get looked at on a case by case basis by the management team. Today we implemented a new system called the "Excessive Points Review" that outlines our new process for dealing with players who have 15+ total points on their record. Once a player receives 15 points, they will immediately be placed on a 30 day probationary period wherein any rule breaks that occur will be reviewed by the management team and the individual will receive any punishment deemed fit by said team. Along with this though, we are implementing a program that allows players with excessive points history to remove expired points from their record through showcased fantastic RP on the island. We hope this will push these individuals to focus more on RP and situations that create a positive impact on others rather than ones that may cause them to receive more reports.

Island Economy

This week, the economy stayed relatively stable. Changes were made in the last week to decrease the amounts of cash players could easily get from certain jobs and cooldown timers were implemented. We hope to generally keep the economy rather stable and still in the future work on more ways to remove money from players so that another wipe doesn't have to happen down the road. As always, if you have any ideas for other data we could collect or how we could display data differently to showcase stats better, we are open ears and will make changes that seem suitable for this weekly economy posting.


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