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Jan 29, 2020
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Version 3.7 Development Sneak Preview

Hello Everyone, we are continuing the tradition with our next update sneak preview! As mentioned previously the goal is to bring these to you before every update and showcase exactly what we've been working on over the last couple weeks. Check out the new additions below!


Deadwood Revamp
  • Deadwood has been revamped to include new stores for the different styles of shops, as well as a finally completed road with new houses and green areas for players to experience.

Trailer Parks
  • Trailer Parks have been added to the island to provide more lower-priced housing for the community, and to allow for a variety of different forms of RP. We are interested to see our people utilize these areas across the map and can't wait to see what you all get up to!

Metric Measurement System Option
  • This update, we added an option in the phone settings menu to switch your measurement system between Imperial and Metric. When changing the setting, distances will immediately change to be represented from feet to meters and from miles to kilometers. Along with this, the numbers representing speed will also change to be represented in KM/H. Please be aware, that as of right now the speed limits will still be posted using the imperial measurement system until we find an appropriate way to display speeds correctly for both. For now you will just have to use the appropriate conversion numbers for the speed limits on island which are as follows: 30mph = 48kmh, 50mph = 80kmh, 70mph = 112kmh.

FIFR Ladder Truck
  • For the final time, we have actually successfully fixed the FIFR ladder truck. We hope that this truck will be utilized much more with this ability available again to the department and we hope they are happy with the fix.

New Weapons
  • Three new weapons have been added, the Colt Python, MK18, and HK MP7.



2018 Tahoe
  • After much work, we've added a 2018 Tahoe to the island! This comes in multiple variants such as civilian, 2 police versions (Slicktop & Lightbar), and FIFR. We are excited to see people use this vehicle, especially LEOs as a new SUV style vehicle similar to the previous Tahoe has been requested for some time now.


Removable Stretcher
  • FIFR will have a much better ability to transport patients with this update using a new removable/portable stretcher!
  • They have the ability to move this around to go where needed and allow for further medical RP that wasn't as easily accomplished previously.

New Trucking Job
  • We've been actively working on creating more things for civilians to do so they can make some cash without the need for crime at all levels. With this job, we've made it accessible to pretty much every player in hopes that they can use this to grab some much needed capital.
  • You can start this job at vehicle factory using a Suburban, Tahoe, F150, Silverado, Transport Van, Mail Truck, T370, T440, and Box Trailer
  • After speaking to the NPC you will wait a few minutes while he loads your things in the vehicle, then you will be assigned a location to deliver. Once you arrive, speak to an NPC and they will start unloading. After a few minutes, you will receive payment based on the size of the vehicle you used for the delivery.


Bug Fixes

  • (#641) Fixed placement of new furniture and other random items on towtrucks/truck beds
  • (#729) Fixed DOC lockers poking thru the walls
  • (#737) Fixed Yacht virtual inventory auto closing when opening
  • (#738) Fixed masks now showing up in patdown
  • (#741) Fixed being able to scrap excavators
  • (#744) Fixed main menu discord and twitter buttons being outdated
  • (#746) Fixed DMV tests not issuing a license
  • (#748) Fixed license revocation
  • (#749/750/751) Insurance prices have been fixed
  • (#763) Fixed FIFR shop having multiple jaws of life
  • (#764) Fixed FIFR pumper oxygen masks not spawning
  • (#156) Fixed FIFR Ladder Truck..... It only took 4 years
  • (#265) Fixed Silverado RPM issues
  • (#391) Fixed 2015 Charger tow hitch not working
  • (#461) Fixed Silverado gangster leaning
  • (#525) Fixed 2015 Charger trunk lights not moving when opening trunk
  • (#610) Fixed FIFR Brush Truck # not changing
  • (#757) Fixed FD Taurus white lights being too bright
  • (#733) Fixed Springfield marker missing
  • (#735) Fixed hunting store Hydrant being inside garage
  • Fixed mailman job delivery locations
  • Fixed sound range of petrol/kerosene jerrycans
  • Fixed illegal npc locator sending people to the wrong location
  • Fixed Better Buy sending people to the wrong location
  • Fixed being able to create company names with special characters
  • Fixed FIFR Brush Truck pushbar not being textured
  • 1969 Dodge Charger speed no longer gets stuck at 90mph
  • Fixed dock in Northdale Pond
  • Removed leftover lights in the woods near Greenie Manor
  • Moved random lights near Elk Cliffs
  • Moved Elk Bridge Hydrant further away from the road
  • Fixed a pothole on Tri-state Island
  • Better lighting at scrap dealer

Nick Kennedy

Jan 8, 2020
The Tahoe looks amazing and the stretcher is fucking just mind blowing the rails for DOC looks great thanks for this update

Clem Farr

Dec 22, 2019
The medical stretcher was supposed to be like that literally years ago, so hyped that it's finally being implemented in this manner.

Just a bit of feedback, at the moment I reckon the betterbuy job is just a little bit OP, I reckon it should make at most 5-7k per run, it takes at most 20 minutes. It's a job clearly intended to be for newer islanders, so running this job a few times gives you the starter cash you need, but right now its better than many other legal sources of income. Curious to see what the payouts on the trucking job are.

David King

Dec 26, 2019
Is there gonna be a fix coming for the pirate ship as well? Yesterday when I checked it still didn't let me open any doors on it

Liam Maxwell

Jan 28, 2020
The person on the outside only allows you to rob the ship, not sell items to the ship. Or can you not do that anymore?
Can't do that anymore. You have to go to one of the criminal NPC's that buy all different items or go to the red box (Lower payout). You can go to Crime Base and pay $30k to find out where the NPC you want is since their location is random or find it on your own and save 30k.

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