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Mancio Sorrento

Coast Guard
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Make turtles great again. Nobody wants to risk getting arrested for 10k a turtle. Its more trouble than it's worth with the %'s that determine if you get a turtle or not while fishing.

Why are you suggesting this?
Shark is 8k if you get a 10lb shark and its not illegal with the proper license which most people have.

James View

For context, when I started on the server I personally went the fishing route. I started fishing off the coast until I could afford to rent a boat, I sold a round of mullets and then I sold sharks from there. In my experience I found the fishing system itself to be quite buggy, commonly reducing the amount of nets you could throw until you reconnected. I found the pay for sharks to be frankly incredible. With 56 nets, I would go to mullets, make around 30k gross profit for around 10k net on the nets/buckets and still have the mullets for sharks. I would then purchase new nets/buckets and head to sharks. Between two people, for about an hour of fishing trying to take it slow to avoid the net bugs, we made together around 250k. That's 125k per hour per person.
I never saw the need to take the risk to go for turtles when almost all turtle spawns are up north where CG commonly patrols, and the benefit was not outweighed by the profit sharks offered. There was no stealth option for avoiding detection, other than doing them at night, and even sharking was illegal as the only option single fishermen have for licensing is a sport license, meaning you can be fined for every bucket of fish you have over three buckets unless you make a company (100k initial cost) and then apply and receive a commercial fishing license, allowing 75 buckets of fish.

I support increasing the price of turtles, however fishing is generally already an illegal activity when done for profit and that should be considered.


Relations Chief

After reviewing your suggestion it has been Accepted by the management team.

Relations Chief

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