Changelog - Version 3.7.0 - Released 2/20/2021


Community Director
Dec 1, 2019

Framework Additions
  • Holster Memory
    • When exiting a vehicle, it will now remember if you were holstering your gun or not
  • Unit Swapping
    • You can now change between Metric and Imperial systems via your phone
  • Medical Stretcher
    • Separate model that FIFR can push and load/unload from the ambulances
  • Trucking Job (Legal Civilian Job)
    • Tasked with delivering goods from one location to another
    • Quantity/Quality of goods based on the vehicle used, IE: Bigger vehicle means bigger payout
    • If the truck takes damage during transport, payout decreases
    • If the truck is destroyed during transport, delivery is cancelled
    • Vehicles Used: Suburban, Tahoe, F150, Silverado, Transport Van, Mail Truck, T370, T440, Box Trailer

Framework Changes
  • Company Shop Taxes
    • Companies will pay a 5% tax to the Federal Government on purchases made in their company shops
  • DOC Escape scripts now require 3 FIMS instead of 1 FIMS + 3 FISD
  • Paintball guns now give players bruises
  • Improved Air Freight job payout

Framework Bug-Fixes
  • (#641) Fixed placement of new furniture and other random items on towtrucks/truck beds
  • (#729) Fixed DOC lockers poking thru the walls
  • (#737) Fixed Yacht virtual inventory auto closing when opening
  • (#738) Fixed masks now showing up in patdown
  • (#741) Fixed being able to scrap excavators
  • (#744) Fixed main menu discord and twitter buttons being outdated
  • (#746) Fixed DMV tests not issuing a license
  • (#748) Fixed license revocation
  • (#749/750/751) Insurance prices have been fixed
  • (#763) Fixed FIFR shop having multiple jaws of life
  • (#764) Fixed FIFR pumper oxygen masks not spawning
  • Fixed mailman job delivery locations
  • Fixed sound range of petrol/kerosene jerrycans
  • Fixed illegal npc locator sending people to the wrong location
  • Fixed Better Buy sending people to the wrong location
  • Fixed being able to create company names with special characters

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • Added 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Added HK MP7 SMG
  • Added MK18 Rifle
  • Added Colt Python pistol
  • Added Trailer Homes
    • Low end houses that are better than sheds, but not as good as the ranch style houses. $75k price tag
  • Added Earpiece (Transparent and Black versions)

Addons Changes
  • Improved sounds for M16 and P226
  • Improved FISD Campaign Hat textures
  • Adjusted M16 and ACR to work with rifle scopes
  • DOC Gate
    • Right side building has a desk and file cabinets
    • Moved weapon crate
    • Improve fire geometry and geometry
  • Fire Station
    • Improved Geometry and fire geometry
    • Made the ladder on top useable
  • 1969 Dodge Charger
    • Improved Handling
    • New sounds
  • Ford Explorer
    • Improved lighting on LEO models
    • Added modshop upgrade for LEO models
    • Added Usable trunks
  • Chevy Silverado
    • New sounds
    • Improved Handling
  • 2015 Mustang
    • Fixed Speed/Acceleration issues

Addons Bug-Fixes
  • (#156) Fixed FIFR Ladder Truck..... It only took 4 years
  • (#265) Fixed Silverado RPM issues
  • (#391) Fixed 2015 Charger tow hitch not working
  • (#461) Fixed Silverado gangster leaning
  • (#525) Fixed 2015 Charger trunk lights not moving when opening trunk
  • (#610) Fixed FIFR Brush Truck # not changing
  • (#757) Fixed FD Taurus white lights being too bright
  • (#771) Fixed FD Silverado having blue lights
  • Fixed FIFR Brush Truck pushbar not being textured
  • 1969 Dodge Charger speed no longer gets stuck at 90mph

Map Changes
  • Added lights around Better Buy
  • Deadwood has been completely revamped
    • Same general layout that it had previously but with improved quality
  • Added trailer parks around the island
    • Sunnyside Trailer Park - just outside of Deadwood
    • Rusty Retreat Trailer Park - just outside of Blackwood
  • Smoothed the road from Mexican Hill to Old Weapons Factory
  • Removed trash pile at DOC
Map Bug-Fixes
  • (#733) Fixed Springfield marker missing
  • (#735) Fixed hunting store Hydrant being inside garage
  • Fixed dock in Northdale Pond
  • Removed leftover lights in the woods near Greenie Manor
  • Moved random lights near Elk Cliffs
  • Moved Elk Bridge Hydrant further away from the road
  • Fixed a pothole on Tri-state Island
  • Better lighting at scrap dealer

Additional Information :

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.

Arma 3 Fishers Life Development Team


Community Director
Dec 1, 2019
Hotfix #1 - Released 2/22/2021 8AM EST

  • (#742) Fixed LEOs being able to eject players whom are trapped in a vehicle
  • (#747) Fixed multiple LEOs being able to secure gang hideout at same time
  • (#776) Added missing loading bar on Trucking job loading cargo
  • (#778) Fixed trucking job unloading cancel bug
  • (#779) Fixes loads of black circles appearing on your map when using display all
  • (#780) Fixed elk fuel hose
  • (#781) Fixed FIFR Tahoe spotlight, alley lights, and set squad number, virtual trunk
  • Fixed primary weapon previews not working
  • Fixed Deadwood Roadside Services NPC
  • Better Buy job
    • Legal Payout slightly nerfed
    • Increased time between getting more furniture
    • Gives XP on delivery
  • Trucking Job
    • Gives XP on delivery
    • Map marker on delivery location

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