Official ArmA 3 Fishers Life: Citizen Application Process

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Jul 10, 2019
Hello Everyone,

This announcement is going to outline the Citizen Application process. In order to gain access to the forums, and the game server you are required to make a Citizen Application.

Firstly, You want to start with a Citizen Application, that can be found here -

Start with the Citizen Application, fill in the form with a Valid Roleplay name, your real-life Date of Birth, How you heard about our community and have you read and understood our community rules, your SteamID64, once that is done you want to go ahead and hit submit.

After you have submitted that you can either wait for a Support Team member or Executive to respond to your application letting you know the next steps or you can join our Teamspeak using either of these connections "" or "" once you have connected you will need to hop into "Requesting Support" and a member of our Support Team will be there to help you.

Once you have connected to the Teamspeak, you will be moved by a support member and will undergo an induction and then you will receive both your "A3FL Member" tag. You will get whitelisting to the server once an Executive has responded to your application stating it is complete and moved your thread to the completed section.

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