Changelog - Version 3.0.1 - Released 12/29/2019

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Important : This change log will be done over time, we will try and fix as many bugs as possible after a restart, if not every restart then it will be the following one.
Things can be missing from the changelogs, if you want to follow the work go to our Development Trello.

Map Changes
  • United States Coast Guard Station #59
  • Department of Corrections
  • Steel Mill factory
Framework Additions
  • New Faction ID cards (For every faction members)

Framework Changes
  • Starting a company can now be done from level 6 for $100.000
  • The level required for the items in the pirate ship has been lowered
  • The level required for the items at the criminal base has been lowered
  • Shrooms can now be harvested from level 7
  • You can perform a /a in Twitter without having a phone number
  • To access the Twitter page on your phone quicker, you can press the "U" key on your keyboard
  • Waste management notifications are back
  • Double XP Event now works properly
  • Hunting rifle is now @ $20,000
  • Mullet can be sold for $300 (The price may change)
  • Crime base factory has been move downstairs
  • Goose damage fixed
  • Translations fix
  • Medical Items weight has been lowered (Suggestion by a player)
  • You now have 75% chances to pick between 1 to 4 shrooms - 40% of picking 1 previously (Suggestion by a player)
  • You can now sell moonshine only at the moonshine shop for $6.100, you can do moonshine by level 4 (Suggestion by a player)
  • You can no longer rent a tow truck (Suggestion by a player)
  • Progress bar when lockpicking a car
  • Lockpicking has now 65% chances of success (Suggestion by a player)
  • Marshals can now see patrols cars on their GPS
  • Housing prices have been lowered
  • Only LEOs can open DOC gates
  • Command 'lookupaddress' is fixed
  • +80 bugs fixed (See our Development Trello)
  • New ATM @ Mining Mike
  • New ATM @ CG Base public area
  • Civilian ID Card
  • Dogs have been improved
  • Can now jail people at SD substations
  • Fixed duping issue involving throwing a drinkable item while drinking
  • Fixed being able to toggle high beams from passenger seat
  • Fixed not being able to dance after being uncuffed
  • Fixed SD not being notified for store robberies
  • Removed blur on E menu access
  • Can only rob a store every 30 minutes (server-wide)
  • 2x Sand now gives you 6x Titanium Ore (before only gave you 2 titanium ore)
  • Bell 412 (all variants) changed Titanium sheets to Titanium Pallets (this was the intention but was never fixed)
  • Cocaine sell price on Pirate ship to $3k

Mod Additions
  • ArmA 3 main menu
  • Community Textures
  • One side bargates (Left & Right versions)
  • SIG P226

Mod Changes
  • Taser have now a maximum range of 10 meters
  • Chevrolet Suburban improvements (Less faces and better config)

Mod Deletion
  • A3PL_Weapons3 (Merged to A3PL_Weapons2)

Addons informations

Additional information
ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report all translation errors and bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.
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