Official Financial Report - October 2020


Lead Developer
Dec 1, 2019

ArmA 3 Fishers Life
Financial Report #004 - October 2020

Hello everyone,

Time for another financial report to see where the dollars went!

In his report, you will find:

  • How much we earned from Perks
  • How much we earned from Donations
  • How much we spent on Server Costs
  • How much we spent on Models/Assets
  • How much we paid our Developers
If you would like to review the spreadsheet yourself, click HERE. Otherwise, enjoy this cool photograph!


As with last month, we were lucky once again this month. A few kind people demolished our server costs goal and donated plenty to the Thank the Devs goal as well! With that I have payed our developers, and have also bought some new models. I plan to buy more models and assets soon, but right now the development team is heavily focused on optimization. While optimizing models, we are also fixing/upgrading said models. Making windows not bulletproof, fixing missing roof geometry, fixing being able to walk thru ac units/chimneys, and most importantly making models functional. Some models have un-modelled sections, non-working doors/ladders. All of this is being changed over the next few updates!

With that being said, I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this community what it is today, and for continuing to believe in me and the rest of the team behind ArmA 3 Fishers Life!

Titty Sprinkles.



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