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Changelog - Version 3.4.1 - Released 10/24/2020

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Framework Additions
  • Enabled Halloween Event
  • Remote Garage Door Opener (Community Suggestion)
  • Added Fishing Store to Northern Island (Community Suggestion)
  • Added Aircraft Impound/Paint to both Lubbock and Northdale Airports (Community Suggestion)
  • Added Black P07 (Community Suggestion)
  • Added Coffee Effects (Community Suggestion)
    • 8-12 minutes of Increased Speed, depending on the size of Coffee you drink (Caffeine is great)
    • 3 minutes of Decreased Speed (Side effects yo)
  • Added the ability to Sell Warehouses

Framework Changes
  • Replaced ModShop RGB Sliders with Text Boxes to allow more precise Colours! (Fixes bug #478)
  • Faction members can now re-sell vehicles to the NPC for 25% of what they paid
  • Phone Home Screen how shows your Player ID (Community Suggestion)
  • Scrapyard Changes
    • If your vehicle is not insured and is scrapped, it gets yeeted from existence
  • Ford Raptor civilian variant added back to Vehicle Factory
  • Huge Medical System Changes
    • All player damage should now be fixed (Vehicle Crashes, Fall Damage, Weapon Damage)
    • Weapon damage is now based on the bullet caliber
    • Bullet wounds will now show what bullet you were hit with (Ex: 9mm Bullet Wound)
    • Initial Blood Loss (the blood lost instantly when shot) is now based on bullet caliber
    • Initial Blood Loss is also based on body part (Ex: You will lose less blood from a leg wound vs a chest wound)
  • Added ATM to Mining Mike in Lubbock
  • Drastically improved the way Shipwreck Server Event works (https://i.imgur.com/hsrfrp2.png)
  • When you use a Suicide Vest you will be revived and spawned at the clinic (Community Suggestion)
  • Increased the "Increase/Decrease Rope Length" for rescue basket from 5m increments to 15m increments

Framework Bug-Fixes
  • (#431) Fixed a bug causing trailers to slide away when purchased from low-end dealer
  • (#442) Fixed a bug causing Company Invoices to not send properly
  • (#455) Fixed a bug allowing ziptied/handcuffed players to access VI of vehicles while inside them
  • (#468) Fixed a bug preventing people from taking Fire Damage (burns to body)
  • (#473) Fixed a bug causing the Excavator to break your camera when doing things to it at Modshops
  • (#490) Fixed a bug preventing you from properly throwing stacks of items
  • (#497) Fixed a bug causing Pepper Spray effects to no longer work
  • (#503) Fixed a bug allowing the MDT to be accessed from within Towtrucks
  • (#512) Fixed a bug causing the Jayhawk Rescue Basket to send you to Brazil when going from basket to Jayhawk
  • Fixed a bug causing your job vehicle to get yeeted when reconnecting
  • Fixed a bug causing Jaws of Life to no longer work
  • Fixed a bug causing lockpicks to have no interaction once dropped

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • Smart Car
  • BMW M6
  • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
  • Removed USCG Dolphin

Addons Changes
  • Improved Ford Taurus handling and sounds
  • Removed a ton of old Textures

Addons Bug-Fixes
  • (#295/487) Fixed Ford Taurus Radar and Damage being scuffed
  • (#370) Fixed a bug allowing you to hide inside the body bags at Gang Hideouts
  • (#390) Fixed a bug causing Ford Taurus license plates to only have 6 characters
  • (#482) Fixed a bug causing the Silverados passenger door to move with the steering wheel
  • (#492) Fixed a bug causing Silverton Bank ATM to not be functional
  • (#999) Fixed a few missing Dolphin files
  • Fixed a bug causing the Brush Truck Water Gauge to not display water levels
  • Fixed the Ford Raptor interactions

Map Changes
  • Moved Admin Island
  • Made Old Admin Island look pretty
  • Revamped Crime Base
  • Moved and Redesigned Coast Guard base on Main Island (Near Jamestown)

Additional Information :

ArmA 3 Fishers Life is still in development. Please, report bugs HERE.
Follow our Development Trello to be aware of the next updates.

Arma 3 Fishers Life Development Team
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Released 10/25/2020 @ restart​
  • Fixed Medical System
    • Dead bodies don't go underground anymore
    • FIFR can stabilize dead bodies injuries
    • You can hear around your dead body again
    • You are not sent to another island when dead anymore
  • Removed blank items from Things Perk shop
  • Fixed vehicle insurer
  • Fixed everyone could open CG base gates
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