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Community Report #013
Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the lag between reports, we had to cancel our meeting last week due to multiple people being unavailable. In this Community Report, I will be discussing general community changes/information as well some on-island changes.

Upcoming Community Meeting

We plan to host a Community Meeting this coming Saturday, September 19th. We haven't determined a time yet, but we will release one as we get closer to the date. Be on the lookout for that information!

Sheriff's Department Leadership

Today at our Management Meeting we discussed the hiring of both a Sheriff and an Undersheriff for FISD. Over the last week, we opened up an interest application to members within the department and got several responses. After reviewing these responses, we decided to place @Mancio Sorrento at Sheriff and he chose @Sam Little to be his Undersheriff. We will be working closely with these two to ensure that SD has good footing and will continue to grow and adapt as we move forward.

Penal Code Fine Changes

Fines in the Penal Code have been upped about 20% from their current numbers, please be aware of this when doing criminal activity moving forward.

Bug Reports

We continue to notice that people find bugs while on the server, but fail to report them either because they don't want to, because they think someone else will do it, or they think we already know about it. PLEASE report any bug you find on the server as it helps us continue to create a great experience for players new and old. We also have a bug incentive program where you can get cool/interesting rewards for reporting bugs to us!

Community Suggestions

The sub-forum for community suggestions has been moved to the top of the forums thanks in part to a community suggestion from @Nathan Macklin . If you didn't know it existed, or it was hard to find previously, you can now find it right up near the top!

New Executives

In our last Community Report, I mentioned that we were starting our hiring process for new Executives. Since then, we interviewed and hired several of the applicants. In total we hired 7 new Executives who have helped us immensely in properly covering all different time zones. Those Executives are @Winters Newell @Skylar Reddington @James McClean @Tommy Escaroba @Bobby Axel @Johnny Rigatoni and @Pablo MacIntosh. Please congratulate them if you see them around!

Update 3.3!

The Changelog version 3.3 is getting bigger every day as we get closer to this update. We hope to release it very soon so stay tuned for an announcement! Check it out at the link here:

Some Reminders of Upcoming Changes From the Previous Community Report:

Drivers Manual & Return of Licenses

We've come to realize over the last few weeks that when people take the drivers license test they are, for the most part, completely guessing at the questions. Because of this, we decided to update and bring back the Drivers Manual from the DMV (RIP) and DOJ will now be hosting it and keeping it updated if anything should change moving forward. Our hope is that new players can take a read over this document and be able to quickly pass the test while also understanding the broad range of road rules there actually are on the island. Along with this, we are also bringing back both the Motorcycle and CDL licenses so that players will now have to actually possess these to legally drive the different types of vehicles. The way to get these licenses is exactly the same as the regular driver's license (obtained at the DMV NPC) and SD will begin enforcing the use of these when the update (3.3) hits.

Hunting License

After several weeks of work by our DOJ members, we are working on re-implementing the hunting license. This will be coming in version 3.3 and will be issued by DOJ via a simple verbal test. Similar to the previously mentioned licenses, SD will begin enforcing license laws starting at the update, so make certain you get the license ASAP if you would like to continue to legally hunt after that update.
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