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We have decided to bring back the bug report incentives. The following is the outline of how this process is going to work and the rewards member would receive following a bug report. Keep in mind that if it's a major bug or any exploits that could be game-breaking, you should submit those in a forum PM to David, John, Jamie, Richard, and Winston.

This new process is designed to once again create interest in reporting Bugs. We learned with our old incentive program that we need to be more creative with the rewards we are giving to the community. We also had to reevaluate money prizes in order to prevent pumping too much money into our fragile economy. This incentive program is designed to provide fair rewards to our community members while still maintaining a stable economy. This is why in order to start receiving prizes we have added a requirement to join the incentive program. The requirements can be found below. All Bugs and submitters are trackers with our internal tracking system. This Program and process are subjected to change depending on Community suggestions and its overall performance.

Once you report 3 or more new bugs and are at a good community standing, then you may be invited into the Bug Report Incentive Program. These rewards include Money prizes, Special In-Game Clothing, Special Items, TeamSpeak tags, or even an invite to the Bug Testing team. The bug Testing team is a group of people that would be able to assist the QA Team and Dev Team on testing bugs and future In-Game features. They would have special access to the dev server.

Incentive program Prizes

First Pest Report- Special Clothing$
Second Pest Report- In-Game Rewards Valued Less than 7000$+below
Third Pest Report- Bug God Tag on TS and items valued at a value less than 5k+items Below
Fourth Pest Report- Bug Testing Squad Requirement Reached, A choice of anything on the list

More Prizes coming soon(Once I think it)
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