Official Financial Report - July 2020

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Dec 1, 2019

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Financial Report #001 - July 2020

Hello everyone,

I promised in our first Community Report that every month we will post a Financial Report. It is finally time for our first one!

In his report, you will find:

  • How much we earned from Perks
  • How much we earned from Donations
  • How much we spent on Server Costs
  • How much we spent on Models/Assets
  • How much we paid our Developers
If you would like to review the spreadsheet yourself, click HERE. Otherwise, enjoy this cool photograph!


This month was a bit unique, as we had some Server Costs we did not expect to have to pay. These include a new Teamspeak 3 License as well as a new Premium DNS for the website. Luckily you all have been kind enough to help with those unexpected costs and as a result the community paid for those in full! Aside from that, being my first month as Director I went a little heavy on the Models/Assets this month. Some of these are already in-game(Colt M4A1, Police Baton), whilst some are coming in the very next update(House Models) and others will come in the following update(Warehouse Models, New Pistols).

Although our "Thank the Developers" goal only reached $80, they have all been working hard for this update and the next, and I felt it was only right paying them a little extra from our remaining balance. After the additional pay towards the developers, we still have roughly $65 in the account that will be used for August's server costs if the goal is not met. If the goal is met, we have extra money for new models and paying the developer!

That being said, I wish to thank each and every one of you for helping this community strive. It's been a rocky start, but we are certainly progressing forward!


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