Current Version Changelog - Version 3.1.0 - Released 7/20/2020


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Framework Additions
  • DMV replaced with an automated test for getting a driving license (RIP)
  • Cartel Removed
  • Hotkey to lock/unlock vehicles
  • Virtual Inventory for Lockers
  • Refueling jerrycans @ fuel stations
  • Search Box added to Factories
  • Ability to hide GPS and NamePlate from GUI in Phone
  • You can now seize/steal someone's cash, uniform, vest and backpack with patdown
  • Emoji's in Twitter!!!!
  • Virtual Inventory limits of Storage Box depending on size of house(E-Inventory)
  • Added Sand to Double Harvest event (Bucket fill time halved when active)
  • Can now sell drugs to the Red Drug Dealer Shack (75% of what you can make at Pirate Ship)

Framework Changes
  • Fixed handcuffs
  • Fixed Gang App
  • Added Food Factory to Northern Island
  • Added Seed Store to Northern Island
  • Added Goods Factory to Northern Island
  • Added Ghetto Dr Bob to Northern Island
  • Added Supermarket to Northern Island
  • Added ATM @ CG Station 61
  • Added Dog Cage @ CG Station 61
  • Added lockers @ CG Station 61
  • Added Perk NPCs to Boulder Furniture Store
  • Insurance/Impound/Scrapyard Changes:
  • Raised Consumable Item Prices
  • Reduced Warehouse/House Taxes
  • Painting vehicle at garage cost $2,000
  • Changing vehicle material at garage cost $2,000
  • Secondary Phone Number cost $50,000
  • Exploding vehicles now go straight to impound if not insured (Exception for all trailers and the excavator).
  • New players will now automatically have a sim-card when they first join
  • Added Extinguisher water to FIFR/VFD shops
  • Increased time to do Store Robbery from 50 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Lowered House Taxes
  • Fixed Camera Position when Installing mods to Vehicle at Modshop (Honda CRX, Porsche 911, 69 Charger, Challenger Hellcat, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover, Dodge Ram)
  • Hostage Changes
    • When hostage, cannot pull out keys
    • When hostage or surrendering, cannot talk on phone or radio
  • Increased Suicide Vest Range
  • Added back level requirement for houses (5 for shack, 30 for 1 million mansion)
  • Lowered Drug Profits by 20%
  • New Weapon Prices/Recipes
    • CCP Store
      • Buy Pistols for $15k, Sell Pistols for $12k
    • Pirate Ship
      • Pistols $20k
      • Shotgun $125k
      • SMGs 175k
      • Rifles 250k
    • Illegal Weapons Factory
      • Pistols 150 Steel
      • Shotgun 850 Steel
      • SMGs 1150 Steel
      • Rifles 1650 Steel

Addons Additions
  • Community Textures
  • Faction Textures
  • Brush Truck Numbers
  • Added Coffee (No effects yet, but it is drinkable!)

Addons Changes
  • Fixed getting out of Taurus on driver side if in passenger seat
  • Fixed Ford Raptor bullet proof windows
  • Fixed Dodge Charger 15 Police Radar
  • Fixed Monster Truck passenger seat
  • Fixed Storage/Brakes on Urus
  • Improved the Shotgun tremendously
  • Removed Outdated textures
  • Fixed broken vest recipes
  • Fixed Optional Addons
  • Fixed missing models (Zipties, Drug Testing Kit, Breathalyzer, Keycard)
Map Changes
  • Fixed street light and sign being inside Camorra's Estate garage
  • Fixes trees being inside Elk Courthouse
  • Complete Revamp of Springfield
  • Added lights to some bridges (Elk, Main MSR, Springfield)
  • Small changes to Elk SD Training Grounds
  • Reduced some light sources to improve FPS
  • Added some Fire Hydrants on Northern Island
  • Fixed missing signs at Elk Gas, Elk Dealership

Additional Information :

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