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  1. Sky Smith

    howdy Yall, I'm back

    howdy Yall, I'm back
  2. Sky Smith

    Denied Sidney James - Suggestion - Script | Judge/Courtroom Panic

    Judges in real life do NOT carry radios. but they are always escorted by a court deputy or a marshal if its a federal case when in the court house and going between the case and their chamber.
  3. Sky Smith

    Fixed Bug #718 | Script Bug Report | Blackwood Tow Renting

    Bug Type: Script Issue description The Blackwood Industrial Tow Services, When you try to pull out a tow truck from there. It says that the vehicle spawns but then despawns "You were to far away from your work vehicle" Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc): N/A
  4. Sky Smith

    Denied Devon Camorra - Suggestion - Regulation | REEEE

    Some good criminal ideas could be, some guys with money open up a store and use it as a front. Certain days could be gambling day. Roll some dice, only certain people know about it until it gets bigger. Do it every other day so you don't get caught. It would give the detectives another thing to...