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  1. Brian Kujo

    Pending Implementation Brian Kujo - Suggestion - Script | Fingerprinting

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: There should be a fingerprinting system for officers to be able to process people during an arrest. The system would require officers to input individuals if they have never been fingerprinted before or return the name they have on...
  2. Brian Kujo

    Fixed Big #960 | Script Bug Report | Patrol System not working

    Bug Type: Script Issue description The directed patrol system is not working. None of our officers have seen a message for a directed patrol in the past few days nor have I. Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc): N/A
  3. Brian Kujo

    Fixed Bug #943 | Script Bug Report | Remington 870 bean bag range

    Bug Type: Script Issue description Remington 870 beanbag has no reach. You need to be directly in front of the person for it to have any effect. Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc):
  4. Brian Kujo

    Script Bug Report | Gas Pump sides

    Bug Type: Script Issue description At the gas station in Elk, the gas pump does not return to the proper holder. If you look at one holder and try to return fuel pump, it goes to the other side. Sometimes, it attaches itself to the other pump causing the hose to appear stretched. Evidence...
  5. Brian Kujo

    Fixed Bug #878 | Script Bug Report | SD Vehicle Shop Spawn Pos/Model Issue

    Bug Type: Script Issue description When buying a vehicle from SD's vehicle shop, the vehicle will spawn damaged and it seems like it is damaged by the shop demo model. Also in some instances the vehicle spawns in the corner of the parking lot and blows up. Evidence (YouTube, Twitch...
  6. Brian Kujo

    Bug #857 | Script Bug Report | Faction Members cant open other factions gates

    Bug Type: Script Issue description As a FISD member, I am unable to open gates at other faction bases. I have tested at FIFR in Elk both in a vehicle and at the gate. When I click the button, it states that "Your current job does not allow the use of this door". I also checked at USCG base in...