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  1. David White

    Changelog - Version 3.2 - Released 8/9/2020

    VERSION 3.2 - RELEASED Framework Additions You are now able to hold up to 10 itmes in your hands - Currently works with Empty Buckets and Seeds (System in test period, will be available for more items in the future) Add/Take from factory and craft amount are now two separate boxes on the...
  2. David White

    Changelog - Version 3.1.0 - Released 7/20/2020

    VERSION 3.1 - RELEASED Framework Additions DMV replaced with an automated test for getting a driving license (RIP) Cartel Removed Hotkey to lock/unlock vehicles Virtual Inventory for Lockers Refueling jerrycans @ fuel stations Search Box added to Factories Ability to hide GPS and NamePlate...
  3. David White

    Changelog - Version 3.0.9 - Released 6/28/2020

    VERSION 3.0.9 - RELEASED Framework Additions Unlock a vehicle from inside Seize physical illegal items Warehouse taxes Leave House (Stop being a roommate) LEOs Miranda rights card 911 Texts now show up as map markers Keep engine running keybind (INSERT by default) High Beams keybind ( ; by...
  4. David White

    Changelog - Version 3.0.8 - Released 6/14/2020

    VERSION 3.0.8 - RELEASED Framework Additions Warehouse ownership Resigning from company Insurance now covers items in the trunk x1.5 Paycheck Event x2 Yield Event (Double ore and crop yield) Vehicle and Aircraft NPC for USCG at Northern Island Darknet in Twitter Low-end car dealer - vehicles...
  5. David White

    Framework ArmA 3 Performance Binary Guide

    Hello everyone, We are working hard to make the server and your clients perform as best as possible. ArmA 3 is a very old game running an outdated engine, not designed for the amount of scripts/modifications we have running. We have switched our server to run the ArmA 3 performance binary. This...
  6. David White

    Changelog - Version 3.0.7 - Released 5/22/2020

    VERSION 3.0.7 - RELEASED Framework Additions ArmA 3 Fishers Life Anti-Hack CLS63 and GMC Vandura in vehicles factory Can now open whitelisted gates with a keycard Nets are now seizable USCG can now impound planes/helicopters in the same way as boats Faction counter (Pushed to next update so...
  7. David White

    Framework Advanced Cocaine Process

    Hi everyone, Over the past few weeks, I have been working on improving the cocaine process to bring it in-line with our other drug. We have added a range of new chemicals to enhance the process. You can see the progress on Trello here:
  8. David White

    Framework Mushrooms Improvements

    Hi everyone, Next update mushrooms will be improved we have added: Mushroom area moves every 2 hours (4 predefined locations, will be marked on the map) Mushroom now has a physical model Mushrooms only spawn when players are inside the area Mushrooms will respawn inside the area if there is...
  9. David White

    Framework House Robbery System

    Hi everyone, Just a little explanation of how the new house robbery system works before the next update releases. To clarify, the items received here are RANDOM, THEY ARE NOT PLAYER STORAGE ITEMS. However, if you do forget to store your box and someone lockpick's your house, you might lose...