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  1. Markov Kalashnikov

    Fixed Vehicle Bug Report

    Bug Type: Vehicle Issue description When you go to the roadside job places and the place you go to drop-off impounded vehicles the panel near the gate entering the job/impound where you pull out vehicles and or trucks, it never lets you access the company vehicles it opens the menu but is...
  2. Markov Kalashnikov

    Pending Bug #762 | Script Bug Report | Debug Corner Spawn Issue

    Bug Type: Script Issue description This probably was already reported but random times when joining the server you'll drop out in the ocean on the edge of the map and sometimes loose all your psyichal & virtual inventory but sometimes virtual inventory stays and than you have to call the Feds...
  3. Markov Kalashnikov

    Pending Implementation Markov Kalashnikov - Suggestion - Other | Civilian Backpacks

    Type of Suggestion: Other Explanation of your Suggestion: I think 🤔 I would be nice to see Civilian Backpacks, no military or unrealistic ones but ones you would be able to go to the store and buy in real life just small back packs for storage and realism as wearing a backpack would make more...