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  1. John

    Official Points Redemption System

    Arma 3 Fishers Life Expired Points Redemption System. Due to the changes regarding expired points that can be found HERE. We have decided to implement a system that allows community members to remove these expired points from their records. We wanted a simple and fair system, but at the same...
  2. John

    Official Arma 3 Fishers Life: Rules & Regulations

    Rule Changes 2/15/2021 Modification: Changes made to restrict Corruption. 2. Faction members are permitted to be corrupt under the following stipulations. 1.Faction command must not be corrupt. 2.FIFR members who are off-duty and not command (LT+), are permitted to be corrupt. 3.JAG...
  3. John

    Official Factions Hiring Status

    Status Changed: Date: 4/2/2021 Changes made: FIFR application has been closed. FIMS Apps will be opened Approved by: John
  4. John

    Denied James MacIntosh - Suggestion - Teamspeak | SR Radio Range

    My opinion. It’s a short range radio, it should be short range.
  5. John

    Official Arma 3 Fishers Life: Punishment System

    Date 2/8/2021 Changes Made: If you have more than 15 points, you will be reviewed by the management team to decide if you will be allowed to continue to remain in the community.
  6. John

    Official Arma 3 Fishers Life: Rules & Regulations

    Rule Changes 2/3/2021 Addition: Rule 3.3.3: You are not allowed to rob a member of the Department of Justice to obtain licenses Reason: This has been a long-lasting view we have had as management. We believed it would be better to make this clear as there was some confusion regarding this in...
  7. John

    Official Arma 3 Fishers Life: Punishment System

    Date: 1/26/2021 Changes made: In a effort of transparency we are releasing more info regarding what the executives use to determine the punishments they issue. Released what levels correspond with the amount of points.
  8. John

    Official Operational Changes

    Hello Everyone For the past couple months I have been looking into ways for us to be more transparent with our punishment system without violating the privacy of the individuals who are Pulled within it. In the past, we have taken a strong stance regarding letting people know how many active...
  9. John

    Official Arma 3 Fishers Life: Rules & Regulations

    Rules Change Date: 01/16/20201 Changes: Section 4.3 Remove: You are not permitted to utilize FIFR vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, etc.), Fire Rescue aircraft, and the Coast Guard Cutter without permission from a member of faction command. Reason: This rule can be removed and make it a...
  10. John

    Denied Niall Mcslive - Suggestion - Script | GSR Test Notification

    Bug reports. Not suggestions
  11. John

    Implemented James Rodgers - Suggestion - Script | Jewelry Store Robbery Changes

    Not exacly. What I see if that FIFR is ALWAYS in elk. SD is usually in the same area that the last situation was at and normally just hang around there. The last time I was on most of u were in D2
  12. John

    Implemented James Rodgers - Suggestion - Script | Jewelry Store Robbery Changes

    you shouldn’t have a unit responding from silverton anyways. You should have a decent spread of units across the districts. I have often seen all of SD or most of SD in one area patrolling because it’s the most popular at the time. If u guys were properly spread apart and had a unit in that area...
  13. John

    Denied Thomas Draven - Suggestion - Map | Sky Cocaine

    Had snow before, had to be removed due to huge performance issues.
  14. John

    Ur next

    Ur next
  15. John

    And u third

    And u third
  16. John

    can fire u too

    can fire u too
  17. John

    I can fire you

    I can fire you
  18. John

    Denied Niall Mcslive - Suggestion - Regulation

    Months(ACTUAL MONTHS) we tried letting factions deal with on there own. Time and time again warning them and telling them this a issue that needs to be fixed. Told factions multiple times that’s this needs enforced. They would work on it for the first couple days then it would just start...
  19. John

    Fixed Bug - #344 | Script Bug Report

    Hello Thomas , Thank you for filing Bug #344, after investigation of the issue we have forwarded it to our Development Team to be fixed. We appreciate your assistance in helping to improve our server and our community. This is the number of bugs you have reported so far: 10 Bugs Thanks, John...