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    Happy birthday for yesterday

    Happy birthday for yesterday
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    Took a while but I found you Found you!

    Took a while but I found you Found you!
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    Its hard to see you from up HERE!

    Its hard to see you from up HERE!
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    Official Financial Report | November 2020 - January 2021

    Just imagine if every active member donated $5 to the fund each month or every second month I'm sure the report would look a lot differently. It's on us as the community to try to keep the community alive, every little helps.
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    Official Community Report #023

    Community report #023 Hello all and welcome back to our Community Report edition #023. Update 3.6 - Soon™ Ever wanted a beard but you can only grow bum fluff, well guess what..? Now you can. With this update there will be a wide variety of beards and new haircuts to compliment them and...
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    Official Community Report #022

    Hey Clem, thanks for the feedback. I will get this looked into and hopefully have some of those additions for the next report :)
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    Official Community Report #022

    Community Report #022 Hello all and welcome back to our Community Report edition #022. FIFR Green Zone There was a suggestion put forward from FIFR that they don’t feel as safe as they should in their home locations. Below is a photo of Elk Station, as you can see from the highlighted green...
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    Pending Implementation James - Suggestion - Script | Gas Station App

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Your phone has an app that for Gasoline, it will have the following info; Gas station lcoation How much gas Cost per gallon Why are you suggesting this? A lot of people in Twitter will ask where gas is, this will also allow people...
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    Denied James - Suggestion - Map | Northern Island Hardware Store

    Type of Suggestion: Map Explanation of your Suggestion: Hardware store on North Island Why are you suggesting this? To create ease of access to the hardware store and to encourage people to be up there.
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    Join our requesting support on teamspeak and someone will assist you Acer.

    Join our requesting support on teamspeak and someone will assist you Acer.
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    Pending Implementation Hunter Holiday - Suggestion - Website | Find Available Houses

    Hey Hunter, thanks for the suggestion but maybe an estate agent on island that you pay a fee to disclose all vacant properties.
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    Denied Gary Wong - Suggestion - Script | Eject From Car as Civ

    Think it would get abused, FIFR have the jaws of life and that gets abused so just imagine the civilian population with something similar. I agree with the zip-tied comment, seems a little silly you can't eject your hostage and you have to wait for them to jump out, you loose the power of having...
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    Fixed Bug #638 | Script Bug Report | Titanium Ore stuck in hand

    Bug Type: Script Issue description Dropping titanium ore breaks you and you have to take a nap to fix yourself. Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc): tested multiple times and it repeated itself.
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    Fixed Bug - #574 | Script Bug Report | FIFR engine MDT not working

    Hello Nathan, Thank you for filing Bug #574, after investigation of the issue we have forwarded it to our Development Team to be fixed. We appreciate your assistance in helping to improve our server and our community. This is the number of bugs you have reported so far: 13 Thanks, James...
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    Bug - #567 | Vehicle Bug Report | Dump Truck damage

    Hello Manel, Thank you for filing a Bug Report, after investigation we were not able to reproduce this issue. We ask that if this becomes a consistent issue, you please post another bug report with detailed evidence. Thanks, James McClean Quality Assurance Team