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  1. Jake

    Luke Capicchioni - Suggestion - Map | Yeet doc trash pile

    Hello @Luke Capicchioni, Thank you for your suggestion. In the next update, Version 3.7.0 The trash pile will no longer be there. Regards, Jake Map Developer
  2. Jake

    Hold up... They let you back in.

    Hold up... They let you back in.
  3. Jake

    Denied Mac Nicholson - Suggestion - Map | Drop the soap in DOC

    If we cant ever have yard time because of one thing or another you really think prisoners will get shower time. I mean there could be one cloud in the sky is that's a reason for no yard time.:PepeHands:
  4. Jake

    Implemented Jake - Suggestion - Script | Company shop tax

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Company Owned Shop Commission/Tax: When it comes to roleplay I feel we took a huge hit when it comes to player interaction by adding the company shops(that are NPC-based). In the past, you would see lots of people running a shop and...
  5. Jake

    Pending Implementation Burk Smith - Suggestion - Private Impound Lots | Script/Map

    That sounds like FailRP to me. To me it seems like we are taking a huge step away from player based economy with all of this NPC assisted roleplay lately, especially on the company side of things.
  6. Jake

    Pending Implementation Burk Smith - Suggestion - Private Impound Lots | Script/Map

    I don’t see why you can’t already do this. Tow cars to your lot and put them inside of a car showroom or warehouse for example, put out tweets that you have there car and if they want it back from your impound lot they need to pay said amount. Seems like it would be more of a hassle to figure...
  7. Jake

    Pending Implementation Burk Smith - Suggestion - Script | Car Alarms

    A phone notification to the owner of the car would be a nice addition if your lockpicking was failed and you had an ADVANCED alarm system on your car(You could buy this package at the Insurence NPC).
  8. Jake

    Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.

    Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.
  9. Jake

    Implemented Jake Holiday - Suggestion - Other | Wrench Changes

    I agree, you should need to get car parts, if you are missing a wheel you need to get to a mod shop or put a wheel back on. It's kinda odd how one Repair Wrench can fix everything from a missing wheel to a blown-up engine.
  10. Jake

    Implemented James Rodgers - Suggestion - Script | Jewelry Store Robbery Changes

    As someone that robs stores here and there, I feel that it is plenty long enough, I robbed the Northdale store, and police from Silverton (at least that's what they told me) made it to the scene. I think there should/could be some evidence possibly, and if the criminal wants to stay longer they...
  11. Jake

    Denied Clayton Creston - Suggestion - Script | Radar Detector

    This is an amazing idea, Make it like 2/5 effective, so sometimes it would not work leaving RP for the police (I also assume that not everyone will even slow down for the police if they have this, they would use it more are a notification so they know they might get pursued), it would also need...
  12. Jake

    Pending Implementation Bobby Axel - Suggestion - Script | Eat/Drink while in vehicle

    I am not a script or animations developer, but I think you can have it just do the same as eating/drinking anything outside of the car just with no animation.
  13. Jake

    Implemented Nathan Macklin - Suggestion - Script | Convert pallets at steel mill

    They could put all of the rare ores/gems crafting (All gems/ores from the northern island) to the chemical plant, as you are technically removing all of the rock around the ores/gems, then combining the gem/ore into a bar, I mean to be real there is not a one-hundred percent point of the...
  14. Jake

    Pending Implementation Thomas Draven - Suggestion - Script | Better Company Shop asset spawning

    It's only a minor design flaw. I think it was @Justin Hank idea, just saying. :PepeOk:
  15. Jake

    Denied Devon Camorra - Suggestion - Regulation | REEEE

    I mean... You don't need scripts, assets, or any development to have better roleplay. There are thousands of things you can roleplay on the server currently that no one does, you just need to think outside of the box.
  16. Jake

    Fixed Script Bug Report

    Bug Type: Script Issue description Ahoy, when ye speak t' Minin' Mike at th' Northern Island t' mine fer th' booty, th' booty markers don't ever disappear 'til ye leave th' server 'n re-join. Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc):
  17. Jake

    Denied Jack Branson - Suggestion - Script | Redbox Finder

    Honestly, you guys got it super easy now lol, IDK how much easer you want it to be. Back in the day, you would need to go to the private ship to get a blueprint to make a gun/mags, then mine & transport steel and gun powder to the weapons factory, now you just buy them. Almost everything illegal...
  18. Jake

    Implemented Nathan Wild - Suggestion - Script | Rentable Hanger

    Seems like a good idea to me. Just have it the same as the car showroom kinda, make it a max rent time so people cant rent them all for no reason.