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    Implemented Iggy King - Suggestion - Script

    It is already like this, when there’s 3 SD online the % is higher and it decreases when more than 5 are on. EDIT: I think I misunderstood this: by silent I mean that SD will not be alerted, are you talking about not playing the alarm sound but actually alerting SD?
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    Denied Paul Calden - Suggestion - Script | Lower House Lvl Requirements

    Levels have a use now, to allow for progression in the game and not make everything immediately unlockable.
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    Denied Paul Calden - Suggestion - Script | Lower House Lvl Requirements

    Gonna be a no from me, people wanted the level system back. Adjusting it defeats the purpose of it -
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    Changelog - Version 3.2 - Released 8/9/2020

    VERSION 3.2 - RELEASED Framework Additions You are now able to hold up to 10 itmes in your hands - Currently works with Empty Buckets and Seeds (System in test period, will be available for more items in the future) Add/Take from factory and craft amount are now two separate boxes on the...
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    Denied Ford Maxwell - Suggestion - Teamspeak | Player Reports on TS

    This has been suggested time and time again. The reason A3PL/A3FL has never done this is that it is not fair on our executives to referee a screaming match in support rooms. All the decisions they make are reviewed by the executive team supervisors. It is also disruptive to RP for people to be...
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    Fixed Map Bug Report

    These are not bugs, plenty of other houses available on the island if you'd like something different.
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    Implemented Traye Murphy - Suggestion - Script

    Say I do change the password, I’m going to need to give it out anyway so you can join, or it will be in the files. Even if someone has the password, they need to be whitelisted. If they are whitelisted and have the password like any normal player then how can we tell they are a hacker?
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    Implemented Tyler Saterelli - Suggestion - Script

    @Winston right now
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    Implemented Winters MacIntosh - Suggestion - Script

    so far I have added XP for bagging weed XP for working in jail XP for picking mushrooms XP for collecting fishing net XP for repairing terrain object XP for securing vault door on bank XP for renting a business XP for taking itemss from a patdown XP for cuffing someone XP for seizing items XP...
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    Implemented Winters MacIntosh - Suggestion - Script

    We had this when the server launched and everyone cried that it was too hard. I love the idea, but again people just don't want to grind.
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    Changelog - Version 3.1.0 - Released 7/20/2020

    VERSION 3.1 - RELEASED Framework Additions DMV replaced with an automated test for getting a driving license (RIP) Cartel Removed Hotkey to lock/unlock vehicles Virtual Inventory for Lockers Refueling jerrycans @ fuel stations Search Box added to Factories Ability to hide GPS and NamePlate...
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    Implemented Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Script | More Pistols Max poly count for a gun in ArmA 3 is about 10k.
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    Denied Luke Worthington - Suggestion - (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

    It's against BI monetization policy to provide an in-game advantage for money. Tinted windows provides the advantage because you cannot see inside the vehicle.
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    Denied Luke Worthington - Suggestion - (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

    Not possible without going over each of our vehicles and adding this as a texturable object, which won't be happening. It's unfair to add this to one car and not others.