February 24



  1. 10

    First Anniversary

    You've been registered here for a year, congratulations!
  2. 50

    Wish Upon a Star!

    John is probably going to be a Sub-Director for life, so good luck getting to this status.
  3. 10

    Can't Stop!

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
  4. 10

    I Like it a Lot

    Your messages have been liked 25 times.
  5. 10

    Happy Birthday!

    Today is the day you were born, congrats, for real though Happy Birthday!
  6. 5

    Keeps Coming Back

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!
  7. 40

    You Finally Made It!

    You finally made it to Chief and this is probably the highest rank you will ever get unless John kicks the bucket.
  8. 5

    What Is This Place?

    You completed your induction and are now whitelisted to the server, what do you do now?
  9. 10

    Two Step!

    Now gon' n two step, (two step) now gon' n two step (two step). Thanks for activating two step verification.
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    First Message!

    You posted your first message on the site.
  11. 2

    Somebody Likes You!

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
  12. 35

    Baby Chief Status!

    You are now considered a baby Chief, good luck on checking the Executive logs on the daily.
  13. 15

    Welcome to FISD!

    Your career begins as a Cadet, the constant civilians asking for repair wrenches, and a ride to the nearest garage. Good luck!