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    Jordan Rivera - Suggestion - Regulation

    +1 factions be acting invincible when there is less than 3 sometimes
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    Pending Implementation Nick Brown - Suggestion - Map | Shooting Range

    There is one just east of deadwood already I believe
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    Script Bug Report

    Bug Type: Script Issue description If you reload a gun while speaking on the radio, mags start dissapearing Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc): try it
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    Implemented Alex Sedant - Suggestion - Script | Lockpick/Ziptie Crafting

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Add a crafting for lockpicks and zipties. Why are you suggesting this? Would like to be able to craft them
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    Implemented James MacIntosh - Suggestion - Event

    Could have it so that whichever LEO's that end up participating are guards, and any civilians are prisoners. The time that we are in prison would be strictly managed, and communication etc would be a big trouble between prisoners, they would all have to workout somehow a way to breakout .
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    Fixed Bug #858 | Script Bug Report | Dolphin burns fuel too fast

    last time i used the dauphin the fuel lasted about 30 mins which should be more than enough
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    Denied Steven Akers - Suggestion - Map

    -1 just drive around tbh i dont think anyone wants a big fat off ugly bridge
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    On Hold Alex Sedant - Suggestion - Script | Illegal Air Freight

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Illegal air freight job - probably drug running. You would have to have a cessna, and would take the job at one of the airports or crime base etc. CG would then be notified that some contraband is being moved. Pilots would then...
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    Implemented Mancio Sorrento - Suggestion - Script | Question Robbery NPCs

    +1 Should be a approximate amount of items and money, ones like the pirate ship etc shouldnt say though, just the stores
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    Pending Implementation Dominic Petreviko - Suggestion - Script | Scrapped Car Investigation

    i feel your more likely to just be shot than your career ended, plus just possibly dont scrap cars as a faction member?
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    Denied Alex Sedant - Suggestion - Script | Turtles Revamp

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Revamp turtles. Make it so that instead of having to do the same as normal fishing, make it so that you shoot the physical turtles with the underwater gun and then pick them up. You could have the underwater gun buyable from gang...
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    Implemented Iggy King - Suggestion - Script

    Something like this is already happening
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    Denied Michael Hawk - Suggestion - Weapon | Vehicle Holster Toggle

    -support should either get in a better position or comply because I haven’t seem to have had this issue