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    Implemented Alex Sedant - Suggestion - Script | Improve Air Freight payout

    1+ Seems More Realistic, air deliveries should be able to compete or be in the same ball park as a land alternative I would think.
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    Denied Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Weapon | Rubber bullets

    Honestly I realized my idea was probably trash but hate isn't necessary just expressing my thoughts.
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    Denied Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Weapon | Rubber bullets

    It was an idea it isn't toxic or unrelated were on the topic of rubber bullets and I pitched a idea 💡 wars at FIFR doesn't make sense it's literally a green zone and wouldn't be allowed to be used there, as for the casing thing that is valid point the there would be less evidence to go on...
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    Pending Implementation James MacIntosh - Suggestion - Script | More sellable items in shops

    1+ we need more of a variety it would be awesome 😎 to see new player owned stores that sell different things rather than the same stuff in each store, it would just bring many more opportunities for businesses and more use of player owned shops
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    Denied Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Weapon | Rubber bullets

    -1 Why would factions keep it to them selves when it could open many doors for civilians and bring the death count down dramatically civilians should be able to craft or build the rounds all the same or those who want to defend themselves but not kill or do illegal activity but not want a murder...
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    Denied Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Weapon | Rubber bullets

    I think rubber bullets would be cool but more for civilians so, when robbing people it doesn't have to end in a death just knock them down with rubber bullets would open alot of RP opportunities or when doing any work they may end in conflict you can just knock down your target so, SD catches...
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    Denied James Martin - Suggestion - Script | Lakeview gate hotkey

    1+ I voted and think it's a good idea and be good to see in the future to make it more efficient when entering or leaving as it would save time and be more useful towards travel times and save the hassle of getting in and out of the vehicle.
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    Fixed Vehicle Bug Report

    Bug Type: Vehicle Issue description When you go to the roadside job places and the place you go to drop-off impounded vehicles the panel near the gate entering the job/impound where you pull out vehicles and or trucks, it never lets you access the company vehicles it opens the menu but is...
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    Pending Bug #762 | Script Bug Report | Debug Corner Spawn Issue

    Bug Type: Script Issue description This probably was already reported but random times when joining the server you'll drop out in the ocean on the edge of the map and sometimes loose all your psyichal & virtual inventory but sometimes virtual inventory stays and than you have to call the Feds...
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    Pending Implementation Markov Kalashnikov - Suggestion - Other | Civilian Backpacks

    Oh, I see how that could become a issue, I think 🤔 there could be a work around like maybe it doesn't have space but adds space allowing you to carry more weight or carry more items on your person like not physically used but like equip a backpack be able to carry more weight plus a few more...
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    Denied Tommy McVady - Suggestion - Script | Investment

    1+ would definitely be a great opportunity I'd be interested though I might invest all my money and lose it lol it would still be fun to take that risk and invest in a friend's company and it would add alot more roleplay opportunities and be hella fun at the same time seems like a win-win to me.
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    Implemented Burk Smith - Suggestion - Script | Weapon Holster Memory

    1+ this is probably one of the most needed things if I'm going to be honest it would open up so many possibilities and roleplay situations as you could probably use a holster and not get shot when you get out when your character auto draws there 🔫 gun it would be alot better over all would be...
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    Pending Implementation Markov Kalashnikov - Suggestion - Other | Civilian Backpacks

    Type of Suggestion: Other Explanation of your Suggestion: I think 🤔 I would be nice to see Civilian Backpacks, no military or unrealistic ones but ones you would be able to go to the store and buy in real life just small back packs for storage and realism as wearing a backpack would make more...
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    Implemented Juan MacIntosh - Suggestion - Weapon | Paintball Guns leave bruises

    1+ like the idea paintballs definitely would realistic leave many bruises and may even cause a concussion if hit hard enough without a helmet.