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    Denied Landon Rhettington - Suggestion - Other | Limo

    Now hear me out, Limo Ford crown victoria?
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    Fixed Bug #823 | Textures Bug Report | .357 Shadow LOD

    Bug Type: Textures Issue description The revolver has an open shadow lod, its giving a weird streak in your eyes Evidence (YouTube, Twitch, Screenshots, etc):
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    Anton - Suggestion - Script | Civs stabilize when 0 fifr

    Or at least First Aid trained
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    Anton - Suggestion - Script | Civs stabilize when 0 fifr

    Let me clarify a bit further as to why I am proposing this. I, myself, recently performed CPR on two different individuals. This took me about quite some time as they were severely injured. Every time CPR was successful, they had a couple of seconds to patch a wound or two, and then it was time...
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    Anton - Suggestion - Script | Civs stabilize when 0 fifr

    Type of Suggestion: Script Explanation of your Suggestion: Make it possible to stabilize other people. Let's say FIFR is asleep or busy, you can still help people out. I understand that FIFR might be afraid they'll lose their job, but they'll still be needed to continue with advanced...
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    Fixed Bug #721 | Building Bug Report | Staircase Collision Issue

    Looks like they're missing geo
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    Pending Implementation Tommy McVady - Suggestion | More Aircraft

    It depends if we have the source for the bell412 or not. It is easier to make something using an existing example. Although, I myself, am still experiencing issues adapting to the A3FL framework as I am used to dev with vanilla ArmA. Boats are something I could make, although I am hella busy...
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    Fixed Bobby Axel - Vehicle Bug Report

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    @Justin Hank

    @Justin Hank
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    Pending Implementation Chris Frost - Suggestion - Script | Money Transport Job

    Heyo, I like this idea a lot. The only issue is that, as said by Alaxander, it is easy to abuse. I totally agree that more jobs have to be added that are easy and fun to do, also having an actual function for the others would be cool as well, for example, the roadworker job. Anyway, I like...
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    Fixed Richard Axel - Vehicle Bug Report

    Hey Richard, Thank you for letting us know. I will look into it. Yours sincerely,
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    Fixed Justin Hank - Vehicle Bug Report

    Hey Justin, We're aware of the issue. The taurus has the same problem. I'll look into fixing it. Thanks for letting us know! Yours sincerely,
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    Fixed Toby Dayhart - Vehicle Bug Report

    Hey, Thats weird. I'll test it myself and see whats wrong. Thanks for letting us know!
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    Fixed John Hastings - SD Taurus Bug Report

    Hey John, Thanks for letting us know about the bugs. I'll have a look at them. The trunk lights don't work because the lights themselves refuse to move with the trunk. Regards,